Month: June 2016

AMS and treatment

Avoiding the High of Altitude Sickness

Posted on: 24/Jun/2016

Altitude sickness often termed Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is caused by low oxygen level at higher altitudes. Minor symptoms of AMS start to appear at 1500m; however this is only […]

Hike around Kathmandu

Best Hiking Trails from Kathmandu

Posted on: 16/Jun/2016

If you love to be with nature, hiking around Kathmandu can provide an easy escape from the city’s humdrum. The north is always blessed with eye-catching mountain vistas and any […]

Festivals of Nepal

Top 5 Festivals to Rejoice When in Nepal

Posted on: 10/Jun/2016

Here are some local festival to rejoice while in Nepal Dashain The longest and most auspicious festival for people in Nepal – Dashain (September/October) is a Hindu festival with differentiated […]

mountain biking in himalayas

Magic Behind Mountain Biking in Nepal

Posted on: 01/Jun/2016

Mountain biking in Nepal offers a magical experience since it takes you all the way through diverse topography and that is why it has become increasingly popular among the bikers […]