Month: August 2016

facts on Everest

Fact File on Everest – The Top of the World

Posted on: 22/Aug/2016

Mount Everest is undeniably one of the greatest attractions for mountaineers and adventurers all over the world. The gravitation with which the top of the world attracts people is so […]

bird watching trip in nepal

Bird Watching in Nepal: A compelling journey -outside valley

Posted on: 16/Aug/2016

Explore the beauty of the Himalayas with Bird Watching in Nepal, a country with topographical diversity beyond measure. From the Terai flatlands in the south to the hilly region sandwiched […]

bird watching in Kathmadu

Bird Watching in Nepal – Around Kathmandu Valley

Posted on: 10/Aug/2016

Discover the immense world of bird watching in Nepal, a country that slopes from the high Himalayas to the hot and humid plains in the terai. The topographical diversity has […]

national parks in Nepal

National Parks: Explore the Wilderness of Nepal

Posted on: 03/Aug/2016

National Parks: Explore the Wilderness of Nepal Owing to the multitude of topographical variances over a small area, Nepal holds myriads of flora and fauna. This can also be attributed […]