Month: November 2016

Ethics in Nepal

Basic etiquette, common practices in Nepal: the dos and don’ts

Posted on: 30/Nov/2016

Nepal is a country of diversity and it’s easy to see that a harmonious coexistence is present despite the differences. This can be attributed to the respect that different groups […]

Nepal winter trekking

Mid winter trekking in Himalaya

Posted on: 24/Nov/2016

Many trekkers, guides and local people think it’s not a good idea to travel to higher altitudes mid winter trekking in the Himalaya during its peak winter months that lie […]

Learn Nepali language

The Nepali Dialect

Posted on: 15/Nov/2016

Travellers in Nepal have felt pretty comfortable speaking only in English during their stay, whether they are in major cities or in popular rural trekking routes. Nepalese people are familiar […]

mountain biking in nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal: Outside the Valley Rim

Posted on: 08/Nov/2016

Where can you go on a mountain biking Nepal ? Technically anywhere! And that’s what the sports offer to those wishing to travel Nepal. Mountain Biking in Nepal Adventurers have […]