Month: December 2016

mountain biking Nepal

Mountain biking in Nepal: Tips

Posted on: 31/Dec/2016

Mountain biking in Nepal is extremely enjoyable with natural trails that fits every kind of rider. From the beginner level off-roads to single tracks and downhill rides that even the […]

Short vacations in Nepal

Treks in Nepal for Short Vacations

Posted on: 22/Dec/2016

If you love exploring the wild but don’t have time for a full trek, you can choose treks in Nepal route that are short, yet bear the same charm as […]

travelling in Nepal

Travelling in Nepal – the Dos and the Don’ts

Posted on: 14/Dec/2016

A south Asian country wrapped in cultural and ethical tapestry, Nepal might be a difficult place to travel if you do not have adequate knowledge of how the country works. […]

Romantic holidays in Nepal

Romantic destinations in Nepal

Posted on: 05/Dec/2016

If you are on your honeymoon trip to Nepal, or taking a vacation with the love of your life, an ambitious and tough trek might not be preferred. Nepal is […]