Nepali cuisines

Nepali Cuisines: Treat Your Palate with Local Food

Posted on: 10/Jul/2016

Owing to the ethnic variety and change in topography, every place you travel in Nepal will bring something new to your palate. From the low plains of terai, to the […]

best treks in nepal

Top 10 Treks in Nepal – Best Of Trekking in Nepal

Posted on: 05/Jul/2016

Are U planing to go on Nepal Trekking? CONFUSE which treks? The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal unfolds the best adventure experience of trekking, hiking and climbing as a main attraction. […]

Kathmandu hike

Hiking Essentials: What not to forget

Posted on: 01/Jul/2016

Heading to the top of the tallest hill? Or exploring that path your friend recommended? It’s always fun to be with nature no matter where you want to explore. Depending […]

AMS and treatment

Avoiding the High of Altitude Sickness

Posted on: 24/Jun/2016

Altitude sickness often termed Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is caused by low oxygen level at higher altitudes. Minor symptoms of AMS start to appear at 1500m; however this is only […]

Hike around Kathmandu

Best Hiking Trails from Kathmandu

Posted on: 16/Jun/2016

If you love to be with nature, hiking around Kathmandu can provide an easy escape from the city’s humdrum. The north is always blessed with eye-catching mountain vistas and any […]

Festivals of Nepal

Top 5 Festivals to Rejoice When in Nepal

Posted on: 10/Jun/2016

Dashain The longest and most auspicious festival for people in Nepal – Dashain (September/October) is a Hindu festival with differentiated rituals followed in different parts of the country. From Ghatasthapana […]

mountain biking in himalayas

Magic Behind Mountain Biking in Nepal

Posted on: 01/Jun/2016

Mountain biking in Nepal offers a magical experience since it takes you all the way through diverse topography and that is why it has become increasingly popular among the bikers […]

Nepal trekking holiday season

The Best Time For Trekking Holidays In Nepal

Posted on: 23/May/2016

When a traveler thinks to visit Nepal for trekking adventure, the first thing they try to find is the best time for the trek in Nepal. Among four seasons, Autumn […]

facts mt. Everest

Basic Facts About Mount Everest

Posted on: 16/May/2016

Mount Everest, an ultimate mountain standing tallest against thousands of mountains around the World. Situated at the height of 8,848m above from sea level is a symbol of triumph and […]

Manaslu region in Nepal

Mystic Manaslu- Hidden Secrets In The Himalayas

Posted on: 09/May/2016

Manaslu trekking route, unknown to many trekkers and not as popular in past as regular trekking region like Everest, Annapurna or Langtang is one of the best destination now to […]

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