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Bhutan Tours offer impressive monasteries, amazing architecture, ancient traditions and stunning wide variety of flora and fauna, extremely friendly people and unique colorful culture. The last remaining Himalayan kingdom is adoringly called Druk Yul by its' inhabitants, land of the thunder dragon. Bhutan is a virtually untouched world where spirituality is the way of life and nature is bestowed the admiration it deserves which is the main element to witness in your Bhutan trip.

Buddhism pass through every element of Bhutanese history and daily life spotted prayer flags all around and centuries old monasteries and magnificent Dzongs yet Bhutan makes every effort to keep her rich identity alive. Appreciate the beauty of adventure treks guarded by enormous mountains and covered with thick primeval forests, cultural legacies includes lively festivals elaborately costumed dancers perform masked dance the joyous celebration of your travel trip to Bhutan.

Available Packages

peak in snow man trek

The Snowman Trek

Trip Duration: 24 Days
Grade: Strenuous Plus

The Snowman trek in Bhutan is one of the hardest high altitude treks, but an incredible experience for anyone who wish to take the great challenge.


Jumolhari Trek

Trip Duration: 14 Days
Grade: Moderate

Bhutan Classic trek Around Jumolhari starts at Paro and end at Doden near Thimpu.


Druk Path Trekking

Trip Duration: 10 Days
Grade: Moderate

Druk path trek is follows the rout between Paro and Thimphu, crossing the chain of mountains that sparsely the tow valleys.