Everest Expedition North Face Tibet

Trip Price
US$ 33,500 per person
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Trip Facts

Trip Duration: 60 Days
Trip Grading: Strenuous Plus
Max Altitude: 8448 m.
Best Time: April - May
Trip Mode: Camping

Everest expedition – climb North Face of Tibet

We are proud to inform you that we achieved 100 % successful result on our EVEREST EXPEDITION in SPRING 2012 in which 06 climbers with 06 climbing Sherpas have scaled the TOP of EVEREST on 25 May 2012. Among them are Father and Son who climbed the top together making a History of its own.

Everest expedition and company experience

Mountain Monarch offers one of the most cost-effective full-service expeditions on Everest North face on the Tibetan side. We prefer to have maximum eight climbers in a group with 1:1 climbing Sherpa to climber ration on Everest Expedition. We are committed to cater the highest level of support with strong and experienced climbing Sherpas and latest gears which maximize your chances of success. Everest expedition 2012 has 100% summit rate of being all Six climbers scaled the Everest top successfully on 25 May 2012.

Without any doubt the EVEREST EXPEDITION is world’s the most challenging climbing expedition. Everest expedition North face from Tibet is being rated E4 in its difficulty level which is strenuous expedition with difficult climbing routes. The Everest expeditions North side has become more popular as it is relatively safe and less expensive then the south Nepal side.

As the Everest expeditions encounter many seen and unseen obstacles including high altitude, harsh weather conditions and even sheer exhaustion, each member of the expedition must have high degree of physical fitness and mental preparation with appropriate climbing training or mountain climbing expedition experienced beforehand.

Kathmandu and Base Camp

After the expedition preparation in Kathmandu we take a drive to Everest base camp in Tibet. We spend two acclimatization nights at Nyalam and Tingri for proper acclimatization before we reach to the Chinese Everest base camp to start the bid for the Everest expedition from Tibet side.

We set up permanent base camp until the Everest expedition last. Each of the member have personal tent with insulated foam mattress. Great dining hall with comfortable chairs and table, carpeted, heated and lit by solar electricity make the stay at base camp a luxurious with internet facilities at hand.

Shower tent, toilet tent all in order. All the climbing staff has their own tent along with Kitchen and store tents. We will have expedition cook and expedition manager staying permanently at base camp to cater the great full board meals and to deal with all the required logistic for the Expedition.

Advance Base Camp

We set up Advanced Everest base camp at 6400 meter which is our base station for the summit push and acclimation climbing training. Like in base camp each members have personal private tent. Dining tent with comfortable chair and table, heated, carpeted and lit by solar electricity give you required comfort on your stay there. We have full-time kitchen crew throughout the duration of the Everest expedition. Everest Expedition cook have long experienced and trained in food preparation and strict hygiene standards who prepare varied and nutritious western and Nepali meals.

Climbing Strategy & Route

We spend several nights at base camp for proper acclimatization before we head to the advanced base camp with a stay at interim camp. We take proper acclimation climbing practice on Rongbuk Glacier and spend some nights at Camp 1. We climb even to the Camp 11 for proper acclimatization.

Climbing Sherpas complete their duty of preparation in stocking to all the high camps with tents, food and oxygen for the summit push. We do return back to base camp for rest and refresh before we have summit attempt. After getting the confirm weather forecast we head back with summit plan to the ABC and then CAMP 1, CAMP 2, CAMP 3 then SUMMIT. We provide Mountain Hardware expedition tents on all higher camps.

Climbing Gears, Expedition Food and Load Ferry

Mountain Monarch provides all the expedition gears and group climbing gears including all high tents, solar lights, dining tent with chair and table, oxygen, regulator, mask, climbing rope etc. we provide enough and plentiful of hygienic food stuff at both base and advanced base camps for the while Everest expedition.

High altitude foods while on higher camps. All the expedition load ferry from base camp to advance base camp and all higher camp load ferry including camp 3 at 8300 meters is included on cost which most of the other expedition operator don’t includes on the expedition cost.

Safety, Communication and Weather

Our climbing Sherpa has also done wilderness medical training and they are competent to deal all the normal medical issues. We have Oxygen; comprehensive medical kits along with Gamow bag available on both base and advanced base camp as a safety back up.

We also motivate all the climbers to carry the personal micro medical kits with them. We use most recent & tested TOP UP mask and oxygen regular and 4-Liter Poisk oxygen bottles. Satellite phone and two ways radio will be there for communication.

The great weather is must on Everest expedition and to ensure the safety of all our climber and supporting crew we use professional and reliable weather forecast service for the whole expedition period with regular info and updates till the summit push and back to base camp.


After the 100 % successful summit rate on spring 2012 Everest Expedition, we open the booking of Everest expedition North face 2020 from the qualified climbers around the world. We accept maximum 08 climbers in a group so hurry up get prepare to make the dream come true to stand on the top of the world.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:
    Arrive in Kathmandu / hotel accommodation
  • Day 02-03:
    In Kathmandu for official formalities and expedition preparation.
  • Day 04:
    Drive to Zangmu. Stay at hotel
  • Day 05:
    Drive to Nyalam. Stay at hotel
  • Day 06:
    Rest at Nyalam for acclimatization. Stay at guest house
  • Day 07:
    Drive to Tingri / stay at guest house
  • Day 08:
    acclimatization rest day / guest house
  • Day 09:
    Drive to Everest Base Camp. Stay at tented camp
  • Day 10:
    Everest Base Camp.
  • Day 11-14:
    Trek to Advance Base Camp.
  • Day 15- 50:
    Tibet north side Everest expedition climbing Period.
  • Day 51:
    Trek to ABC
  • Day 52:
    Trek to Base Camp.
  • Day 53:
    Clean up the Base Camp.
  • Day 54:
    Drive from Base Camp to Nyalam. Stay at hotel
  • Day 55:
    Drive to Kathmandu / stay at hotel
  • Day 56 / 57:
    Free day in Kathmandu / stay at hotel
  • Day 58:
    Airport transfer for return flight.