Island Peak Climbing

Trip Price
US$ 2,850 per person
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Trip Facts

Trip Duration: 22 Days
Trip Grading: Strenuous Plus
Max Altitude: 6189 m
Best Time: Oct - June
Trip Mode: Camping + Tea House

Island Peak – exhilarating climbing experience beyond simply trekking in Himalayas

Incredible success rate of 51 trekkers out of 62 scaled the Island peak in 2016. Above 90 % summit success rate in the year of 2017 and 2018 on Island peak climbing trip 

All personal and group climbing gear provided: La Sportiva climbing boot, Exped down mattress, sleeping bag, down jacket. Thus no need to bring or invest in expensive gear just for one trip.

Island peak climbing with Everest base camp trek in Nepal

There is no doubt that Himalayan peaks have drawn adventurers, climbers and cultural enthusiast for many decades. Among all the trekking peaks in Nepal, Island peak is the most popular as it is suitable to all novice climbers and experienced trekkers. Explicitly this Island peak climbing offers an exhilarating climbing experience beyond simply trekking in Nepal. By climbing the Island peak, you will stand on a summit of wonderful mountain at 6189 meters. Standing on top of Island peak cherish the same unforgettable sense of achievement as you would on the top of mt. Everest. Generally speaking the Island peak expedition is not technically challenging but it can be physically demanding. Notably the climb is graded as Alpine PD+.

Responsible Travel with Safety First

We run all of our trips in responsible way with safety and comfort as possible at its highest standard. Most importantly we ensure the medical trained and experienced guide to lead your trip to Island peak. Besides that we carry the proper safety back up like Oxygen or Portable Altitude Chamber. Further more the comprehensive medical box in dealing with any problems that may arise on trip. Proud to share with you that Mountain Monarch is the pioneering company having responsible trekking policy. Dedicated 01 TREKKER:01 PORTER allow every trekkers to have own pace and flexibility on trip. No doubt you feel proud that you have your own personal porter. Above all your porter  carrying lighter weight and walking next to you with bigger smile.

Island peak is also known as Imja Tse. This is often the first step for most of the climbers before any summit attempt of giant peaks in the Himalaya. We take an exciting flight to Lukla to begin the Island peak expedition with Everest base camp hike. Hence we climb the less trodden trail to Everest base camp and Kalapathar for proper acclimatisation before summit push. In particular we customise a special climbing training session at the base camp. Indeed the training covers on required climbing skills to scale the summit safely and successfully.

Summit day – standing on top of Island Peak at 6189 meter

Significantly the Island peak summit day starts very early in the morning with an interesting scramble along a rock ridge to a glacier. Further more above the rock ridge there is a steep snow head wall leading to the summit. Off course this is a physically challenging but a great day of achievement. Obviously our permanent and highly experienced climbing guides fix NEW ropes. Thus ensure safe ascent with jumar and harness for the strenuous and challenging section. The ultimate climb up a 60 – 70 degree face about 150 meters to the summit ridge.

From the top of Island peak, you can see a breathtaking panorama of gigantic mountains of Nuptse, Lhotse, Lhotse central and Lhotse Shar. This form a semi circle in the north. The stunning views of Makalu (8475m), Baruntse (7129m) in the east and famous expedition peak of Amadablam (6812m) in the south. Never to be forgotten the experience of Island peak climbing with Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:
    Arrive in Kathmandu / Welcome Dinner with cultural program.
  • Day 02:
    Explore Buddhist Stupa and Hindu Cremation Shrines / Trip preparation
  • Day 03-04:
    Fly to Lukla and trekking to Namche to start the Island peak expedition.
  • Day 05-06:
    Trek to Khumjung after an acclimatization rest day at Namche.
  • Day 07:
    Trek to Photse via Monla, on the way to Gokyo valley
  • Day 08-09:
    Trek to Dingboche, above tree line / exploration day.
  • Day 10:
    Trek to Lobuche with extraordinary scenery.
  • Day 11-12:
    Trek the Everest Base Camp and climb Kalapathar for proper acclimtisation.
  • Day 13-14:
    Climb to Island peak base camp / Rest and climbing clinic
  • Day 15-16:
    Island peak climbing period / sensational Himalayan panorama.
  • Day 17-19:
    Trekking down to Lukla via Pangboche and Thyangboche.
  • Day 20-21:
    Fly to Kathmandu / Rest day.
  • Day 22:
    Island peak climbing trip ends / Airport transportation.

Trip Profile

  • 6189 meter Island peak climbing with hike to Everest base camp
  • All personal and group climbing gears PROVIDED
  • Climbing clinic course at base camp thus no preview climbing training or experienced required.
  • Full board meals and tea house plus camping on trek, hotel in Ktm.
  • Responsible travel : 01 trekker:01 porter
  • Hassle free trip - trek and climbing permit to Lukla flight
  • Experienced climbing guide and cook team at Island peak base camp with solar panel
  • Medical trained group leader with Oxygen cylinder or PAC bag and first aid kit.


  • How difficult is Island Peak climbing? Can anyone join?

    Thought the Island peak climbing is not technically challenging it is unquestionably physically demanding which is graded as Alpine PD+. Among all the trekking peaks in Nepal, Island peak is the most popular as it is suitable to all beginners and experienced trekkers which offers an thrilling climbing experience beyond simply trekking in Nepal together with hike to worlds famous Everest base camp. This strenuous plus expedition rises to an altitude of 6189m / 20,305 feet. However, anyone with sound fitness can join because altitude and acclimatization process is the major issue than the level of fitness. Mountain Monarch has an itinerary so designed as to provide ample time for acclimatization strategy with slow pacing and multiple side excursions. The level of Island peak climbing success with Mountain Monarch has always been far above the ground.

  • Do I need any prior climbing experience for Island Peak?

    Island Peak is strenuous plus trek which involves trekking as well as climbing with all the expedition equipment. Though previous climbing experience certainly helps yet no prior experience is required for Island Peak climbing. However, anyone with knee, ankle, heart or lungs pre medical history need to seek medical consent before considering Island Peak. Moreover, at Island Peak base camp our climbing Sherpa guide will organize a special climbing training session on required climbing skills and use of climbing equipment. Pre physical training is must to prepare yourself to figure out how many hours or how much weight you can handle. Some cardio and couple of miles regular walk will certainly help prior to your arrival in Kathmandu.

  • Why climb Island peak with Mountain Monarch?

    Mountain Monarch is renowned for the quality service, proper safety back up, responsible travel with details logistic support though the trip. We invest on manpower and gears. We have the experience local climbing guide and we provide all the personal and group climbing gear including the climbing boots which means one can join the climbing trip with us with normal trek gear – No need to worry or invest on any of the climbing gear just for one trip.

    Every year we are growing and many of the trekkers and climber are joining us as they have seen us in action on a earlier trip or have heard the great and reliable service we offer. Adventurers who have joined once with us are return with us because they know we do our best to make the trip responsible, safe and trip of a lifetime.

  • What gear do the company provide for Island Peak climbing?

    Mountain Monarch provides you with very warm sleeping bag with warm fleece liners and feather duvet jackets which is the mother of all warm clothing's. We also provide you with individual water proof duffle bag to fit all your gears in. For your inconvenience of buying expensive climbing gears Mountain Monarch provides you with personal La Sportiva climbing boots (size taken after your arrival), Black Diamond crampons, ice axe, ice bar, ice screw, zoomer, harness, figure of eight, safety helmet, plain and locking carabineers, prussic cord and new climbing rope etc. Furthermore, unlike many other company at Island peak base camp you will be facilitate with mountain hardware 2 member tent, Exped down fill mattress and solar lights with your device charging facility. We use the solar energy at Island peak base camp to go environment friendly.

  • That does it denote by trekking peak and Climbing clinic?

    Peaks below 5600 meter is being categorized as “ Trekking Peaks ” in Nepal Himalayas which are comparatively less technical but physically demanding. To join the trekking peak one must have the sound physical and mental fitness but no need to have the previous climbing experience. To make your climbing experience the safe and best one, we organize the special climbing training course at base camp in which our experienced climbing guide give you the practice training on all aspect of climbing skills required to scale the summit safely and successfully.

  • What is the success rate on Island peak climb?

    We, Mountain Monarch, have been organizing the Island peak climbing since 2 decades. Every year more than 100 trekkers have scale the Island peak climbing with us. So far we have managed to get more than 80% summit success rate.

  • How is the climbing Day? Do we start early in morning?

    Climbing day is the main day and obviously it is the tough and long day. We start the climb early in morning lets say by 3 AM to beat the windy situation and bad weather in the afternoon. Normally we scale the Top by 9 am and return back to base camp for the Lunch. A long day of around 9 hours but no doubt the most memorable day.

  • How do Mountain Monarch guarantee safety against Altitude sickness?

    Most of altitude sickness cases and tragedy has been reported among trekkers in Everest region. Acute mountain sickness is something we get with rapid ascent and when our body fails to adapt to the thin air environment. Mountain Monarch provides medically professional leaders with medications, oxygen cylinders or oxygen chamber bag to deal with any altitude related ailments. Besides, your group leader will put forth some basic guidelines to get away with altitude sickness which is expected to be followed strictly and as well there are multiple things you can do as precautions to ward off AMS eg taking Diamox etc. Assistance from your leader is 24/7 until you are away from the danger zone. So far there has not been any record of fatal altitude sickness misfortune with mountain monarch groups.

  • Why always opt for reputed company with professional leader for Island Peak?

    In cases of emergency the necessary prompt assistance will be available only if you are affiliated with a reputed company. Furthermore, if you are looking for hassle free holiday in terms of issuing permit, hotel, flights, and transportation etc it's best to go with a reputed company that offers you leaders who are knowledgeable and professionals. Reputed companies are there to provide you with quality service at a very competitive price and are there to guarantee your safety which I suppose is the biggest concern. Leaders, besides giving you all the necessary information, are there to cater you at times of any crisis no matter if it’s a mountain ailments or any weather mayhem.

  • Heard Lukla to be world's dangerous airstrip? Is there any alternative?

    There are possibilities of flight delays and sometimes cancellation as Nepal air aviation is quite strict about these small planes flying high into the remote mountain airstrips like Lukla. Though Lukla happens to be the settlement hidden inside the magnificent valley the airport would be momentarily closed whenever there is a slightest weather chaos or high velocity winds. So there is no need to fear about flying in or out of Lukla. To deal with bad weather situation we have inbuilt the itinerary with 2 nights stay back in Kathmandu. We welcome the idea of having few more days extra in Kathmandu if you afford to explore it after the trip. People have so many legends about flying in and out of Lukla but in reality this 35 minutes flight is indeed very breathtaking rather than it being bloodcurdling. Taking group helicopter flight on extra cost could be an option in case of bad weather.

  • What are the average hours walking per day on Island peak?

    Usually not more than 6 – 8 hours excluding lunch. As for the time to Island Peak summit and back to base camp it solely depends on your pace. We allow you enough time to set up your own pace for acclimatization and to make everyday more entertaining yet the walking time varies depending on you and your group. We usually start early so that you could reach the destination on time leaving you enough time to explore and enjoy the serenity of the place.

  • What kind of food and accommodation are we to expect in the trip?

    While in Everest region Mountain Monarch uses the best family oriented lodges with twin bed sharing rooms with clean common toilets and occasional rooms with attach toilet bathrooms. Lodges are at its best offering you the comfort experience and its typical local environment. You have variety of choices for the food and most lodges prepare food better than most restaurants in Kathmandu.

    In Island Peak base camp our professional cooks' gives their best to vary the menu as much as possible providing nutritious, plentiful and tasty meals which are hygienically prepared to enthrall you even in the mountains under less than ideal conditions. So far there has not been any complaints whatsoever in regards to food and accommodation provided by us.

  • How am I to communicate in case of emergency? Any communication facility?

    With the advancement of technology availability of networks in the Nepal Himalayas is miraculous. Mobile and 3G data coverage is available in most areas of Everest including the base camp that is a luxury. Every tea house in the entire region provides you with the internet facility with minimum charges so that you can update your family and friends about your whereabouts. Surprising the Island peak top has very great coverage of cell phone.

  • Can I charge my devices and have hot showers in Island Peak trek?

    Being more exceptional unlike rest of the company, in Island peak base camp we afford solar batteries for lights and charging facility with absolutely no additional charge. However, the charging privilege for any of your electronic devices is possible all the way around the Everest region tea houses but the charges may be levied. Still it is wise to carry some extra batteries or the fully charged power bank batteries to save some money and also your batteries run out pretty quick in the cold. Availability of hot showers is all through this region with minimum charges but your leader may restrict on taking hot showers at high elevation regarding the health issues. No hot showers in Island Peak base camp but we do provide you with bowl of hot water for basic cleaning.

  • What if I am very slow in the group?

    Other than your group leader you will have assistant guides in your group. Your leader will sort out assigning each of his assistants in the group systematically while he takes responsibility for the slow walking people being at the tail of the group making it utterly non strenuous. Nevertheless, your leader would be counseling everyone in the group to stay together and walk collectively as a team.

  • What about drinking water facility?

    Because of environmental concern we very strongly oppose the use of plastic mineral water bottles. Instead our staff will supply you with appropriately boiled water every morning and evening without any additional charge. We suggest you to bring at least 2 metal or plastic Nalgene bottles so that you can have enough to last the duration of the day. The tea houses at every stop also supplies you with properly boiled water with a small fee in case you ran out. Besides the hot water we fill up in your bottles in the night after dinner does really serves as a hot pack which you can use it in your sleeping bag and can still drink it in the morning when it's still warm.

  • Do I need the travel insurance for emergency to join the climb of Island peak?

    We strongly suggest you to have an all-inclusive travel insurance policy covering all the aspects of your adventure though we ensure you that there would be hardly any evacuations or any health catastrophe as your leader is medically trained and has ample knowledge to deal with any life threatening situation. But it's always wise to have insurance as your back up for just in any case.

  • What permits are required for Island Peak climbing?

    As for the Island peak climbing you would need special Island peak climbing permit along with ( Everest) Sagarmatha National Park permits, TIMS card (trekking information management system), Mountain Monarch obtains all of these permit and travel document for you.

  • Is it doable in winter? What is the best time to do Island Peak?

    To be honest Island peak can be attempted all through the year except for the Monsoon. However, April to mid June during spring and September to November during autumn before the harsh winter is considered to be the best time to climb Island peak when the view of 360 degree mountain range and astounding landscapes are at its best state.

    People have without doubt climbed Island peak even in December despite the serious cold because winters have always offered crystal clear weather with exceptional mountain views. Nevertheless, the 3 nights camping at Island peak base camp in winter with so much of chill factor may not be very appealing for many. So winter Island peak climbing solely relies on how comfortable you are with the utter cold. All you need to do is prepare for the worst of chill weather circumstance.

  • Is there any possibility to customize Island Peak climbing?

    You always reserve the right to modify the Island peak climbing itinerary as per the time convenient to you and the level of fitness. Depending on your time schedule you can either book for the whole circuit via the high passes (Renjo pass, Chola pass) or semi circuit that includes Gokyo, Chola pass and Everest base camp or you can simply do Everest base camp and Island peak. Mountain Monarch has always been successful in organizing customized trek for the clients as per their requirements.