Lumbini Pilgrimage Tours


Mountain Monarch has specially designed this Lumbini pilgrimage tours as a exclusive Buddhist pilgrimage cultural tours to the birth place of Buddha, the light of asia which is inlisted on the world heritage site by UNESCO. The remains of the lost empire of Sudhodhana is still in existence in Tilaurakot where Gautama Buddha spent his 29 years and started his journey of enlightenment. We do visit the the Asoka pillar inscriptions indicate in the scared garden proofs that Buddha was born here around 2500 years ago on our Lumbini visit.

After the establishment of the Lumbini Development Zone in 1978, it has done a great job excavating and renovating the shrine and as well in attracting Buddhist nations around the world in building monastries in the scared garden. Every monastry displays its own kinds of archetecture reflecting the unique interpretion of Buddhism. we also explore some of the Buddhist stupa and monasteries in Kathmandu valley to add more charms on your Lumbini pilgirmage tour to Nepal.

Places of interest to visit on Lumbini pilgrimage tour:

World Peace Pagoda:
The stupa is outside the scared garden of Lumbini. It takes around 45 minutes stroll to reach the sites. It was built by the Japanese monk.It is a fascinating place to view the sunset as well the surrounding of peace and beautiful.

Lumbini Crane Sanctury:
The surrounding wetland area of the stupa is protected for rare Sarus Cranel. Especially in the evening, it is a great place to enjoy the sighting of Cranes.
Tilaurakot: It is situated 27 km west where lies the historic city of Kapilavastu. It used to be then the Shakya Dynasty. The remains of the palace, mounds of old stupas and monasteries made of kilnburnt bricks and clay mortar are still in existence.

It is a small village situated 2 km southwest of Thaulihawa, there lies the ruins of huge structural with the cluster of four mounds and a tank. On the top of the strutual mound is the image of linga, dedicated to Shiva.

It is a small village situated 5 km southwest of Thaulihawa , there lies Ashoka pillar in a slab. The upper portion of the pillar is broken but the lower portion is still intact measuring 3.5m. In the adjoining place lies a huge stupa with successive rings of wedge shaped Mauryan bricks.

It is situated 8 km northwest of Taulihawa, The place has quadrangular tank surrounded by bushes, locally it is called Niglisagar. There lies the two broken Ashokan pillar, the longer one is lying flat on the ground and the shorter one is stuck into the ground. On the shorter pillar, there is an inscription written in Brahami script which translates as a King Piyadasi beloved of the gods, after 14 years of his coronation enlarged for the second time the stupa of Buddha Kanaka Muni, and after 20 years of his coronation he came himself and worshipped and caused this stone pillar to be erected.

Lumbini Garden:
Several beautiful shrines and monasteries have been built by devotees belonging from different Buddhist countries. A visit to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, is not only for spiritual enlightenment but also for solace and satisfaction that one gets in such a calm and peaceful environment.

The Ashoka Pillar:
In 1895, Feuhrer, a famous German archaeologist, discovered the great pillar while wandering about the foothills of the Churia range. This is the first epigraphic finding in relation to the life history of Buddha.Further exploration and excavation of the surrounding area revealed the evidence finding relating to the existence of a brick temple and a sandstone sculpture within the temple itself which depicts the scenes of the Buddha’s birth.

The Mayadevi Temple:
The is the most important shrine at Lumbini dedicated to the mother of Gautama Buddha , which enshrines the traditional site of the Buddha’s birth. It is pointed out by scholars that the temple of Maya Devi was constructed over the foundations of more than one earlier temple or stupa.

The scared pond: On the south of the Maya Devi temple there is the famous sacred bathing pool known as Puskarni. It is believed that Maha Devi took a holy dip in this pool before the delivery and also where the infant Gautama Buddha was given his first purification bath.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01:
    Arrival at Trivuwan International Airport
  • Day 02:
    Full day cultural tour
  • Day 03:
    Lumbini tour
  • Day 04:
    Drive to Tilaurakot
  • Day 05:
    Drive to Kathmandu
  • Day 06:
    Lumbini pilgrimage tour ends

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