Mark Squirrell

Australian- Field Security Officer, The United Nations World Food Programme (UN)
29 Jul, 2015

I, Mark Squirrell, along with three other friends, employed the services of Mountain Monarch to guide and support our efforts to climb Imja Tse (Island Peak) in the Solo Khumbu District of Nepal. Mountain Monarch provided pre mission advice, catering, accommodation, training and guiding in order to allow our team to reach the summit of the 6189-meter peak. The quality of service provided by the Mountain Monarch staff was extremely high and of a professional standard.
In particular they showed immense care and motivation towards our endeavor to reach the top. Without their help and guidance it is clear that we would not have all made it to the top. I recommend Mountain Monarch to any individual or group that may wish to climb Imja Tse or similar such mountains.

Laurent Schuberth

29 Jul, 2015

I initially chose Mountain Monarch because they seemed to be more professional than the other agencies. Now that from my Island Peak trek, I can only say that everything was perfectly organized. I had an excellent time, no only thanks to the professionalism of Pradip, his guides and porters, but also thanks to their great friendliness. Next time I go to Nepal, I will know where to go!

Greg Martin

29 Jul, 2015

I wanted to express my thanks to all at Mountain Monarch for the excellent service you gave to Nadine and me on our recent Island Peak trek. As you know I experienced a severe case of High Altitude Cerebral Edema at Gorak Shep and had to be put in the Portable Altitude Oxygen Chamber for number of hours, before descending the next morning.

The quick actions of the trek leader and other MM staff, perhaps Saved my life. They are all a credit to your company. I would have no hesitation in using MM again in any future trip to Nepal, perhaps with the help of Diomox I will one day complete ascent of Island peak.

David Taylor

29 Jul, 2015

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the recent trekking experience with my son Nick, the two Tasmanians Hamish and Andrew as well as one British Andy. Yours and company team and experience was absolutely fantastic and your knowledge of the mountains as well as your own religion was simply fantastic.

Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip and I would like to commend your patience with me when I was not able to get along as fast as I would have liked. The organization of the trip was first rate and I would recommend Mountain Monarch to any other trekkers with similar goals and aspirations in the area.

Joy Ellis

29 Jul, 2015

Thank you for a wonderful trip, both you and Buddha made it a fantastic experience, i will certainly recommend Mountain Monarch to my friends and family. Buddha was a fantastic guide who enabled us to summit the Island Peak and made us feel safe at all time.

Geoff Rogers

29 Jul, 2015

Just thought I would give you some feedback on my recent trip to Island Peak with Mountain Monarch, an experience I very much enjoyed and am pleased to inform you had a successful outcome.

I found the services that Mountain Monarch provided to be of a very high standard, and the staff to be both courteous and helpful. I particularly would like to thank Sunil and Morti for their encouragement and light hearted humour when the going got tough, it was very much appreciated.I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone contemplating a journey to Nepal, be it trekking, climbing or some other activity.

Esteve Ayala Estrada

29 Jul, 2015

Although Mountain Monarch Adventures is recommended in the Lonely Planet guides first I was a little afraid about booking in Mountain Monarch, which was only a local travel agency in Kathmandu for me. I had two more ancient experiences in trekking holidays and I was always travelling with a catalonian travel agency located in Barcelona, however this time I bet for Mountain Monarch thanks to the advices that Pradip made me by e-mail before travelling. The treatment was perfect. The Mountain Monarch people professionalism, kindness and happiness are always besides you during your trip.

I could compare the Mountain Monarch services during the trip with the services of other trekking companies in Nepal, even in Himalayas, even in Island Peak ascent, because you can meet a lot of friendly people there; I have to conclude that now I am proud of my decision and I am glad to meet new friends among Mountain Monarch people and among the other people who made the same booking.

I would like to thank to Buddha, who was my acclimatization assistant and even my climbing guide, his friendly services. He was always positive. He is a friend. He is great! I am sure that I am going to come back to Nepal thanks to this experience and I would like to book again in Mountain Monarch.

You, who now are reading me, may think that I am exaggerating so you must know that, with the suitable and necessary filter, I invited Pradip to let my catalonian compatriot potential Mountain Monarch new costumers contact to me for more accurate references in Catalan language about this great local travel agency.

For the others, I would like to give references but my English is not as good I wish. I would like to congratulate Pradip and Buddha and their staff involved in my first ascent in Nepal. They are the best. You will see it!

John Reilly

29 Jul, 2015

Mountain Monarch are every bit as good as their excellent web site. I chose them for a spring Island Peak trip because of their professionalism, value for money and not least because they were a local Kathmandu based company. I have been particularly impressed by the friendliness, knowledgeableness and attention to detail that characterises this company from the Managing Director down to the porters. This all contributed to a trip of a lifetime. Anyone thinking of visiting the wonderful Himalayas should look no further!

Samuel Slaven

29 Jul, 2015

Mountain Monarch are simply the best! I was part of the EBC and Island Peak trek departing at the end of October 2013. Whilst in Australia planning the trip I was a little reluctant to use a company I hadn’t heard of first hand, but after a swift and effortless email conversation with Pradip, the company manager, I quickly realized that all the reviews I had read on Trip Advisor was certainly correct. Right from the start of our relationship the company was professional.

The trek leader Akash and his Sherpa team lead by Mingma went miles beyond expectations to make myself and the other trekkers feel right and home. We all felt extremely safe and that our mission to summit the mountain was the paramount objective. Akash never took any short cuts with the trek and monitored every bodies health cautiously. At the time of the trek I was only 22 years old and coming from Australia I had very little exposure to the extreme weather conditions and altitude adaption requirements.

Akash would always encourage me to talk about how I was feeling, physical or otherwise and we even developed a strong friendship through the trek. After spending 23 days perched in the Himalayas you start to learn about more than mountains. On ascent day I gave it everything I had but was still unable to summit, Akash personally walked me down the mountain and tried to keep spirits high.

My failure to summit was by no means a reflection of the mountain monarch team, I was simply tired and exhausted and my body was finding it harder and harder to approached 6000m above sea level even though we stage our assent incredibly well. I was disappointed that I never summited the mountain but fully know that pushing my body further may have had detrimental effects (although Akash and Mingma would never let this happen).

In hindsight I went to EBC, summited Kalar Plater, learnt about the fantastic culture of Nepal and Mountaineering and made some new friends. I owe my fantastical experience to Akash, Mingma, all the Sherpa’s including our Climbing Sherpa, the chef and Pradip, without the team I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dream (well almost J ). Without question whenever I go back to Nepal, and I will, I will trek with Mountain Monarch. Sincerely,Sam, 23Perth, Western Australia

Cecilia Vita and Friends

Indonesian group
29 Jul, 2015

Just wanted to drop you all a line and tell you how much we all enjoyed our trip to Island peak with Mountain Monarch. Everything was great including the weather. Your company is first class in all respects.

I knew exactly what I needed to bring. All of your staff that I met was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and I felt safe with them. The overall experience was fantastic. It was like a family Trip. If I am able to go on another mountaineering trip, it will definitely be with MMA.

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