• Dec 5, 2022

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Adventure travelers around the world are eager to visit some of the world’s most remote nation and cultural settings. In general, adventure tourism connects remote rural places and people with wider economically sound travelers’ systems. Thus, tourism brings up a positive impact on the local economy in accumulation.

The main forms of tourism activities in Nepal are adventure trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, Jungle safari in lowland Tarai, whitewater river rafting, and cultural tour to the UNESCO Heritage sites apart from mountain biking, paragliding, canyoning.

Mountain trekking and climbing is the main adventure activity in Nepal once it opened up its borders to outsiders in 1951. During the recent past 2 decades, the travelers’ arrival in Nepal has increased rapidly with the Visit Nepal Year 1998, Nepal Tourism Year 2011 campaign, and other promotional activities. Unfortunately, the 2015 massive earthquake and the fuel embargo imposed hit the tourism sector very badly. However, we are fortunate that we have overcome the obstacles by our beloved clients and organizations who have shown their support, love, and affection in the time of need to stand up on our feet again.

Nowadays, the development of road construction on some of the trekking routes is shortening the trekking adventure. For example, the Jeep can easily reach Chame and Manang in Annapurna circuit trekking route from one side and Muktinath from the other side and the road is up to Sybrubshi now instead of Dunche also makes the easier access to start the Langtang region trekking. Recently, the road construction is planning to get the road to Tadapani near Jagat in Manaslu trekking route is also due to have the adventure journey shorter. These roads should be seen as a part of the overall development of the country’s strategic aim to tie the rural areas with the national and regional economical grids, though it has negative effects on tourism activities as well.

With the construction of the road or the air accessibility and having the helicopter to land has been more possible to attract more quality travelers to do such adventure trekking in a shorter time duration. The accessibility of the helicopter access has resulted in organizing the Around Manaslu trekking in 10 days with the Helicopter in and out to save the priceless time and to have the great adventure trekking experience at the same time.

You can join the Manaslu trek or Annapurna circuit or Mustang trek to see the effect of development on tourism in Nepal.

Mountain Monarch

Mountain Monarch