Day Tours in Nepal

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Day Tours in Nepal - Unique Culture to Himalayan wonders.

Day Tours in Nepal allow you to explore the world heritage cultural sites to hike around Kathmandu valley's hills. Kathmandu is the capital and administrative center of the Republic of Nepal. This valley boasts fascinating cultural and world heritage sites which have been frequently awarded as the must-explore sites in the world. Nepal having the highest mountain in the world is a top adventure destination for all adventure travelers.

Nepal Day Tours - Hike in Kathmandu to witness the Everest

Any travelers visiting Kathmandu Nepal with the shortest time duration of just a day can do the some of Nepal day tours or hike to the surrounding hills to take an hour Everest Mountain flight or half-day Helicopter ride to the base camp of Mt Everest. Mountain Monarch regularly organizes the day tour in Nepal to explore the sights and sounds of world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley. Besides that, we also customize the day hike on surrounding hills to understand its vast culture firsthand. Normally day hike around Kathmandu valley allows one to explore the countryside away from the crowds. Anyone who dares to explore and experience the mighty Himalayas including Everest, we have got the Everest Helicopter ride day tour to make it happen just in a few hours while you are in Nepal. These day adventure activities while in Kathmandu suit all the travelers who have really short time in your stay in Kathmandu Nepal.