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Trekking Peak Climbing in Nepal
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Trekking Peak Climbing in Nepal - 6000-meter peaks in Himalaya

Climbing in Nepal has always been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of adventure. There are more than 1300  identified Mountains in Nepal above 6000 meters and one-quarter of them are officially opened for mountaineering activities. Of course, these Nepal mountain climbing trips offer a great opportunity for adventure climbing expeditions. By Himalayan standards, there are smaller mountains known as "Trekking Peaks" (ranging from 5587 to 6500 meters). These trekking peaks suit best any fit and keen trekkers to start the climbing experience. Climbing these trekking peaks in Nepal is the next step beyond simply trekking. However, it includes basic mountaineering above the snow line, using ice axes, climbing boots with crampons, ropes, etc. under the supervision and instruction of your professional climbing guides. All climbing guides have considerable mountaineering expertise and experience including multiple ascents of Mt. Everest and other mountain climbing.

Nepal Mountain Climbing with All Personal and Group Climbing Gears provided including the Climbing Boots.

Undoubtedly Nepal mountain climbing trip presents a great opportunity to have the Himalayan summit thrill mountain climbing experience for any experienced trekking to novice climbers. Mountain Monarch is a pioneer in organizing a special climbing training course at the base camp before the summit push. Your participation in this climbing clinic course is to boost your self-confidence. Thus, to ensure that you are well-prepared to safely and successfully scale the summit of your chosen mountain. We provide all the personal and group climbing gear and tents required for Nepal climbing trips. Henceforth, we ensure everyone has a safe, hassle-free, and cost-effective trekking to climbing adventure experience of a lifetime.

Nepal Mountain Climbing - Trekking Peak Climbing

Mountain Monarch has been awarded the Top Ten adventure company out of more than 2000 government register trekking companies in Nepal for running the safe and best mountain climbing trips for two decades. It is the treasure and trust, the company has gained with its effort in running the safe and great climbing adventure to the Himalayan trekking peaks. You can choose the best suitable trekking peak climbing in Nepal based on your time duration and fitness level and of course your earlier outdoor experience. The most popular Nepal mountain climbing trip is Island Peak Climb @ 6189 meters next to mt. Everest which normally combines with an acclimatization hike to the Everest base camp. If you wish to have a straightforward climbing experience then Mera Peak suits you best as it offers awe-inspiring views of the Himalayas including Five 8000 meters of peaks. For a long time, we suggest you join the twin peak climbing in the Everest region with high pass traverses that is Mera and Island Peak Climbing. If you have already done the base camp treks in Everest or Annapurna region and wish to repeat the adventure experience simply beyond trekking in Nepal, then the Everest High Passes and Peaks suites best to you. This is a complete trekking itinerary of the entire Everest region with high passes and 6000 meters of trekking peak climbing adventures in the Himalayas. There are more to choose like Yala Peak Climbing in the Langtang region or Tent Peak or Chulu Peak climbing in the Annapurna region based on your time duration and physical fitness.

Gear for Nepal Mountain Climbing

Surely one needs extra and special gear for mountain climbing. Most of these climbing gears are expensive to buy and if you are planning to have a climbing experience on these Himalayan stunning peaks once or twice only. Many travelers decide to hire gear as the best alternative. Hiring these gear could be risky not knowing the quality of gear and proper size. Mostly it is very difficult to get the proper size and good quality climbing boots on hire. Mountain Monarch is only one tour company that guaranteed to provide all personal and group climbing gear on your Nepal mountain climbing trip to make a safe, hassle-free, and of course affordable adventure. We provide quality and branded personal climbing gears like Black Diamond Ice axe, Jumar, Harness, Figer of eight, safety Helmet, Carabiner, and above all La Sportiva Climbing Boots, group Climbing rope, etc. Besides that, there will be member tents with mattresses and all required camping tents along with warm gear such as a good sleeping bag, warm jacket, and trek duffel bag for everyone on your Nepal trekking peak climbing adventure. Supplementary Oxygen tank with regular and comprehensive medical kit to make sure mountain climbing in the Himalayas is a safe adventure of a lifetime.

Best Time for Trekking Peak Climbing in Nepal

Normally March to May and Oct and Nov are the best time for mountain climbing in Nepal. The spring season March to May offer warmer weather condition with lush vegetation and flowers in its bloom, all bigger expedition including Mt Everest climbing takes place during this season. Autumn Oct and Nov is also a great time for trekking peak climbing in Nepal as it offers stable weather with a clear blue sky though it gets colder at night. We can also customize the winter peak climbing in the month of December to some of the selected trekking peaks. If you wish to do the Nepal climbing in December winter we recommend you to choose either Island peak on Everest or Yala Peak in the Langtang region.

Nepal Mountain Climbing Duration and Itinerary

Most Nepal mountain climbing trips over 6000 meters required around 3 weeks from arrival to departure from Kathmandu for a safe climbing experience in the Himalayas. We designed our Nepal climbing trip itinerary making sure to have enough acclimatization days on the way up to adjust with less oxygen available to our bodies as we climb. There are some trekking peak climbing trips which we can do in 2 weeks as well. Based on your and the group's physical fitness and outdoor adventure experience, these trekking peak climbing in Nepal can be customized.

Trekking Peak Climbing in Nepal - Preparation and Logistic

To join any of our Nepal mountain climbing trips, physical fitness is a must. An average fit person who has outdoor adventure experience already can join the trekking peak climbing with us. Having basic training on rope and rock is great but not mandatory to join the climbing trip as we run the specially designed climbing training at base camp. There is no need to have climbing training beforehand to join these trekking peaks climbing with us. We also organize all the logistics including the Nepal climbing permit with other government formalities as required.

Booking is open for 2022 and 2023

Mountain Monarch ensures the top safety backup and the highest success rate in climbing these trekking peaks in Nepal. For more than two decades we have been organizing these mountain climbing to the 6000-meter trekking peaks. We have many climbing package trips from Island to Mera peak to choose from. You can join the pre-set departure dates in the spring or autumn of 2022 and 2023 to scale the Himalayan summit for the adventure thrill of being on the top of a mountain in Nepal.