Trekking in Nepal: the best adventure holidays in the Himalaya

If there is one must go to destination for trekking in the world, it's none other than Nepal. Why wouldn't it be? Blessed with the most diverse set of terrains across the Himalayan nation, one can find thousands of trails, each unique than the other. By far trekking in Nepal is one of the best adventure activities to explore and experience the nature's wonders at its best.

Nepal is famouse for other adventure activities apart from trekking, but with the efforts of the locals and goverment, trekking in Nepal has flourished far better in all aspects. Mainly, hiking and trekking is a versatile activity, and anyone of any age and background can experience the beauty of it. Hiking in Nepal allows people to enjoy both the cultural and natural aspects of the Himalayan destination while the journey itself enjoyable, healthy and fun. 

Nepal Treks: short hike to high pass

Trekking in Nepal offer a wide range of choice. There are some easy and short Nepal treks like Annaprna Panorama Trek, which offer fabulouse views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. More mainstream Nepal treks includes medium paced but one of a kind treks like the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek to the Everest Base Camp Trek. For adrenaline junkies, the Everest 3 Passes Trek, Manaslu Trek and Island Peak Climbing trips can bring a kick of thrill they desire. Similarly, those entranced by the cultural aesthetics can find haven in the trips in the semi-desert of the Upper Mustang Trek docorated with beautiful Tibetan-Buddhist traditions. These are lesser known Himalayan treks for those looking for solitude, such as Dolpo Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Around Dhaulagiri Trekking etc. We stay at local teahouse with private room on our regular teahouse hiking in Nepal trips. Where as mostly on tented camping on remote treks and expedition bid to summit in the Himalayas. 

Hiking in Nepal - Physical fitness and custom trips


Each of these hiking in Nepal trips has its own set of requiremetns. Generally, every trek, hike and climb requires the physical flesibility and endurance to withstand unforseeable situations. We offer curated itinerary to ensure a great hiking, trekking and climbing experience, whatever your level of fitness. Obviously, trekking in Nepal and climbing in the Himalayas with local experts is the best option for the resposible, safe and lifetime adventure experince.


Best Time for Trekking in Nepal


The trekking in Nepal seaason generally starts from March to May and September to December every year. Better known as Spring and Autumn seasons for the best trek in the Himalaya. Treks that lie in the rain shadow area like Upper Mustang and Dolpo region, however, are accessible thoughout the year. Choosing the adventure journey to go on Nepal treks to climbing trips depends upon the preference of the trekkers. No matter what you wish or demand, Himalaya will surely make a perfect trekking and climbing destination for all ages, groups and individuals.