• May 16, 2016

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Mount Everest the ultimate mountain, standing tallest against thousands of mountains around the World. Situated at 8,848m above sea level, a symbol of triumph and failure represents struggle, adventure, and achievement. For every traveler, having a glance at mount Everest is a big dream, and many people visit Nepal every year to explore the beauty of Everest by trekking to Everest, taking an Everest view trip, peak climbing in the Everest region, or even Everest expedition. It's likely an exception if people say they don't know about Everest, but there are some interesting facts we would like to share about Everest that many may not know.

Know the Everest FACTS


Everest is recorded as being over 60 million years old mountain and was first identified in 1841 by Sir George Everest. Initially named ad Peak 15, later in 1865, they renamed Mount Everest after Sir George Everest.


Mount Everest lies on the border of both Nepal and China/Tibet from the South and north, respectively. So mountaineers have an opportunity to choose either to explore/climb Everest from both sides. However, to experience more adventure and long holiday hiking trips, most travelers prefer the Nepal side, but summiting Everest from Northside is considered a safer route.


Mount Everest is called Chomolungma in Tibet and Sagarmatha in Nepal. Chomolungma refers to the mother goddess of the universe, and Sagarmatha means goddess of the sky.

Everest Trekking Packages

Depending upon the trekking agency, many Everest trek packages are available to explore Everest and Everest region. The Everest base camp trek, Everest panorama trek, and classic Everest trek from Jiri are commonly used. Still, at Mountain Monarch, we've added some packages to choose from, like the Everest circuit trek, Three passes and Peaks trek, Everest base camp with Heli, Gokyo lakes trek, luxury Everest basecamp holidays, Amadablam base camp trek and Sherpa Everest high country trek.

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