• Oct 3, 2022

The success of every adventure journey depends on the capabilities of men at work in real-time. The journey to the Everest base camp is undoubted a tough adventure that needs to be planned carefully. Unfortunately, every season we read on the news that trekkers dyeing on the route to the base camp, The tragic and unforeseen deaths of trekkers on the Everest base camp trail are not overruled. Curated planning with safety backup obviously makes the journey safe and a journey of a lifetime. Thus, choosing the best company for the Everest base camp trek is crucial in your planning phase. We recommend making sure these few things are being implemented properly by your tour company on your trip to Everest base camp. Here below are the things to do to be the best company on the Everest base camp trek in the Himalayas.

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Enough Support Crew on Everest Base Camp Journey

Unpredictable weather and tough terrain in the Himalayas sometimes make the journey tougher and more difficult than planned. Thus, having enough trek crew is really helpful to get such support on the journey to base camp. Trust us having a private porter which means one trekker: one porter makes things much easier on your adventure journey to Everest.

Best Company must have Supplementary Oxygen on EBC Trek

The adventure to the Everest base camp at the elevation 5364 meters where the oxygen level goes down around 50% in comparison to the sea level. Everyone breathing heavily above 4000 meters due to the less oxygen available at that altitude. The Oxygen saturation below 75% could be alarming in the Himalayas. Carrying supplementary Oxygen with a regular or Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) with the group is a life-saving device to make sure on your medical kit list on the journey to base camp.

Best Itinerary of Mt. Everest base camp trek

Check and compare the itinerary of the Everest base camp trek you are about to be a part of it. Having enough time for proper acclimation on the way to base camp is very important – Not to ignore. Fellow the rule of 300 meters ascends in a day. Having proper acclimation on Everest base camp trek one can try the 6000-meter trekking peak climbing called Island peak close by which offer a great adventure experience beyond simply hiking in Nepal.

Competent, Permanent and Responsible Team (Men at Work)

The most important factor in choosing the best company for the Everest base camp trek depends on the competency of the tour company. Check the success rate of the ground handling company on their trip to base camp. And of course the experience and medical training of trek guide. Adventure companies' policy to have the trek crew including the trek guide on a permanent or temporary base could differ the services one gets on the route. Go with the company having a permanent guide and trek crew.

Choose the local best company for the Everest base camp trek

To run the adventure trip in Nepal, a company needs to register with respective bodies of the government of Nepal. This means other companies overseas running the Everest base camp trek in Nepal are simply the sales agents making benefit for the bridge they create with a local company. Thus, choosing the local and best company would save your pocket and bring the benefit of tourism to the local people in the ground then the sales agent overseas.

Can a trekker do this alone?

Very few who have done lots of trekking can do this trek with proper planning in a very fair and normal situation. Unpredictable weather, difficult terrain could make the journey tough and life-threatening. Be on the safe side to join the best company on your adventure trip to the base camp of Mt. Everest.

Can one hire a guide to Everest base camp?

Hiring a guide could be another option BUT safety measures must not be ignored in any situation. Make sure your guide is well trained and experienced have safety gear like supplementary oxygen or Portable Altitude Chamber and good contact with local in case of emergency. In reality, simply having a personal guide could be more expensive than joining the best company for the Everest base camp trek as the cost of being shared in the group while joining the tour company.

Can we trust Medical Evacuation Insurance?

This is a must to have the proper insurance with the medical evacuation on the adventure to Everest. One thing to remember is that medical or helicopter rescue can take place only in good weather situations in a daytime. Thus proper planning must be made for any worse cases like bad weather or nighttime emergency situations. Choose the best company on Everest base camp trek which has a plan and safety backup to deal with the golden hour's worst-case scenario in case of emergency.

Conclusion: Best Company for Everest Base Camp Trek

Though one can do this Everest base camp trek individually, this could be full of hassle and life treating. Choosing the best company for the Everest base camp trek makes the journey safe and enjoyable. Mountain Monarch has been organizing the adventure trek and climbs for 2 decades with an excellent safety record and client satisfaction.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu