Heli rescue and Nepal adventure

  • Apr 2, 2020
  • Mountain Monarch

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Nepal’s natural paradise, Himalayan scenery, high peaks and hidden valley makes the adventure activities as a main tourist product of the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. Majority of traveler visiting Nepal join on trekking and climbing trips on mountain valleys to high Himalayan peaks thus without any doubt trekking and climbing expedition are the main tourist adventure activities that allure adventurers around the globe.

Trekking and climbing takes place on remote and high lands in the Himalayas thus having proper insurance is a must while venturing into the Himalayas. There are more than 2000 registered trekking companies operating currently and also many other unregistered and illegal person and firm do offer the same services. Some of the these offer really a cheap / low cost for such package and somehow indirectly get the benefit.

Nepal government recently form a committee to investigate the misuse of rescue helicopter on adventure tourist in Nepal. The initial report claimed some the top-rated trekking companies in trip advisor and some big International company sub-contractor trekking companies also involve such scam. Some the claimed is be file on the tourist departure in which trekkers complained that they were make sick by their guide and tour company so the trekkers have to take the rescue helicopter in such cash tour operator and helicopter companies works for mutual benefice.

Trekkers and climbers need to be careful in choosing their tour company by analysing their past records and traveler reviews. Be aware with the fake or paid reviews.  Need to be realistic to look the best and reasonable trip cost base of the service and facilities getting, thus too low cost means there might be an indirect way to manipulate the trip.