• May 11, 2016

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Hiking in Nepal, the Country of the Himalayas. Sounds interesting, Exciting, and Adventurous. Right?

But many people think hiking in Nepal is one heck of a lot of difficulties, and one must be physically fit enough like super athletes or marathon runners with high stamina. Actually, it's false. Moreover, trekking is about experiencing diversity along the route anywhere you would be hiking. You have an opportunity to choose your destination for trekking, schedule your own time for walking hours, you pace or extend your day to walk less so that you can feel less pressure to complete your journey.

Like in daily routine, if you have accomplished any task, the physically fit body and mentally balanced mind add value to your task; the same applies to trekking in Nepal and nothing more. Suppose you don't have walking experience. In that case, you just need to do a little work on your simple walking/running/cardio exercise before your trip starts, as trekking is all about walking, climbing, and descending all over the routes. Unless you are looking for an expedition, peak climbing, or high-graded high passes trekking, if you can walk, you can trek!

How Difficult is Nepal Hiking and Climb?

If you still have second thoughts, many professional trekking companies in Nepal organize your trip without any difficulties. So you trek along, enjoy, and everything else will be taken care of. Even you can hire a porter and trekking assistant to carry your belongings and keep moving ahead, exploring nature, taking photographs, enjoying with friends, and interacting with local people.

Mountain Monarch is one of the experienced trekking agencies in Nepal, competent with a local team of experts in the tourism industry. We offer teahouse trekking and camping trekking for an easy trekking experience in Nepal, including Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Langtang Region. Ask a question or customize your trip as per your preferences, and we would be happy to guide you throughout your journey and take part in your trekking to facilitate all your requirements safely and securely.

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