MMA visited the Earthquake effected area of Dolka and Rasuwa

  • Apr 3, 2020
  • Stupa Technology

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Mountain Monarch Team has recently visited Sanitar village in Dolkha district which is the epicentre of 2nd Earthquake magnitude of 7.1 on 12 May 2015 after the 1st earthquake of 25 April. MMA is heading to Sanitar Dolakha on 24 May 2015 with a team of 10 people with required material to rebuild the Shelter /temporary home to its trekking crew with a plan to complete around a dozen family shelter with in 10 days.  Team also does carries  the sanitation material and first aid medicine with them.

Mountain Monarch team also visited the Betang village in Rasuwa district with is close to the Langtang trekking region. With help from the Guildford District Scout Student group MMA has provide the safe drinking water to this village people and also assisted to build 2 schools there in 2011. The team found out all the houses in Betang village and both school is being totally damaged. MMA is working with Scout group UK to rebuild the school sooner as possible.  MMA team is also set to go the Gumda in Gorkha district, next village to the 25 April earthquake epicenter of Barpak sooner.

Here below is the some of the Photo of our team took in Sanitar in Dolkha and Betang in Rasuwa, Langtang.

Photos from Sanitar Dolkha - Nepal

earthquake damage

sanitar village after earthquake

Photos from Betang Rasuwa Langtang - Nepal

grounded school at Betang

MMA n School staff