• Oct 2, 2016

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Whether you are a novice or a mountain biking veteran, Kathmandu's trails will keep you entertained. The hills around the valley offer easy paths to challenging and single technical tracks. While you discover more of Kathmandu, you are likely to be addicted to cycling, as is the case with many in recent years. However, mountain bikers in Kathmandu have never stopped exploring, and newer trails are open to anyone wishing to take a diversion. We list here some routes that cycling enthusiasts have frequented.

Some of the Mountain Biking Routes in Kathmandu

Mudkhu – Jhor – Tokha

North of the valley, a moderate slope through the Trishuli highway for about 30 minutes takes us to Mudkhu. This is the meeting point for cyclists: a small tea shop to rest and many routes to explore. We follow the Trishuli highway to Tinpiple and take a diversion. You would be amazed by what you pass – rice fields and scanty settlements with forests covering a massive section of the path and a rather long one. The road to Jhor could be confusing; however, anyone passing by would be eager to help. This is the righteous location to rest and enjoy. The waterfall is a popular destination where you can easily get refreshed. Returning, the ancient Newar city will intrigue anyone with its hospitality and delicious cuisine.

Kathmandu – Kakani – Budhanilkantha

Taken as one of the most challenging rides around the valley, the Scar Road comes out to be among the most rewarding ones as well. Fantastic mountain views on clear days and a thrilling single-track ride that keeps knocking your adrenaline to the edge make the ride memorable for most people. The pictures are magnificent if you stop anywhere on the top of Kakani hill. Very few shops are on the way, so it's a good idea to carry some food and lots of water.

Budhanilkantha – NagiGompa – Kapan

This is another of the exciting rides in the valley rim. The route could continue the scarred road if you are not so tired after that long ride! We recommend you start fresh, however. The uphill is horrendous from Budhanilkantha and climbs through the jungles of the Shivapuri National Park. This is followed by a nice single track which joins back to the jeep track after about 30 minutes. The downhill is one of the most enjoyed by skilled riders; very technical yet very interesting. Drop down to Kapan to take a fantastic view of the valley and fill your tummies at Boudha while enjoying its tranquil surrounding.

Bhaktapur – Nagarkot – Sankhu

Sweep through the ancient city of Bhaktapur to understand the local lifestyle early in the morning and head to Nagarkot hill. From here, you get a plethora of cycling challenges. Spend the night on the top of the hill and watch the beautiful sunrise along with the panoramic view of the mountains and drop towards the east through a well-marked trail to Dhulikhel. This is a long and challenging route. However, if you want to stick to something simple and less time-consuming, drop to the ancient city of Sankhu - a reasonably technical ride through the rough descent, and return to Kathmandu.

Chovar – Bungamati – Khokhana – Chapagaon

While you take the ups and downs along the trails from Chovar through the ancient settlements of Bungamati and Khokhana, the traditional lifestyle is easily visible. As you leave the territory, meet the black-topped road that gives a pleasant ride to Chapagaon. This is an easy trail with not much traffic and lots of greenery. If you intend to take a more challenging route, start from Chapagaon and follow the Raj Kulo. Yet another exciting alternative would be to take the path to Lakuri Bhanjyang from Chapagaon and make your way to the ancient city of Panauti, east of Kathmandu.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu