Nepali Cuisines Treat Your Plate with Local Food

Updated on April 23, 2024

Owing to the ethnic variety and change in topography, every place you travel to in Nepal will bring something new to your palate. The culture and traditions vary significantly from the low plains of Terai to the hills and further up to the high mountains. So does the food that the people consume. So enjoy the taste of Nepal as you travel; we list some of the traditional and authentic food you will most likely come across in Nepal.

Some Famous Nepali Cuisines:

Daal Bhat:

A set of food with rice, daal (lentil soup), vegetable curry, and pickle, Daal Bhat is the staple food of Nepali people, often taken twice a day. Meat curry (chicken, mutton, or buff) is also a choice (Beef is not used in Nepal as a cow is considered a holy animal) as a side dish. Be prepared to eat this food with your hands, the way locals eat, and it will feel much tastier, although spoon and fork are available readily.

Gundruk, Dhido and Sinki:

Also considered the national food of Nepal, Dhido and Gundruk are a truly satisfying combination. Dhido is prepared from corn flour or buckwheat, and Gundruk is fermented leafy vegetables, most commonly made into a spicy supplement for Dhido. Sinki has preserved vegetables made into a soup, also often eaten with Gundruk. This is a heavy meal and should keep you full for many hours.

Samaya baji and Chatamari:

Samaya baji is a traditional Newari cuisine set that contains beaten rice, Choila (grilled and spiced meat), Aalu achar (potato pickle), Bahamas (black soya beans), fried, boiled egg, green vegetable, and Aaila (locally made alcohol). Chatamari, another Newari cuisine, may resemble a pizza but is entirely different in its ingredients. A base of rice flour is used, and the topping is made with egg, meat, and curry or consumed bare. The Newars primarily inhabit Kathmandu and its surroundings, bearing unique culture and tradition.


Though of Tibetan origin, momo is so common in the capital, Kathmandu, that almost every food joint serves it. This is simply a dumpling with meat or vegetables on the inside, most commonly steamed and served with thin, spicy achar (sauce). It can also be fried and garnished with vegetables and given unique flavors and shapes. If served dipped in thin achar, the same would be termed Jhol momo.

Sel Roti:

Sel roti is homemade bread made of rice flour in the shape of a doughnut, however much thinner. It tastes sweet, and flavors may be added as preferred. Sel roti is common to festivals like Tihar, Dashain, etc.

Juju Dhau (Curd):

Expect curd to be as tasty as a fresh-baked cake; Juju Dhau(King Yogurt) is synonymous with being the best curd in the country and is a specialty of Bhaktapur. Traditionally, these would be served in clay cups, saucers, or vessels; however, recently, plastic containers have been dominant.

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