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What Next? After the Everest Base Camp

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What Next? Peak Climbing with Everest base camp trek

What Next? After the Everest Base Camp. Can an experienced trekker go further high? Possible to do the trekking peak climbing after the Everest base camp trek?

Yes, it is possible to do further high with a plan to do the trekking peak climbing with the Everest base camp trek in Nepal. Mount Everest is the world's roof and undoubtedly the greatest attraction for adventure travelers around the globe. The base camp of Mount Everest has situated at 5364 meters (17,598 feet) elevation in the Himalayas and offers suitable trekking adventures for every physically fit hiker. Many regular and experience trekkers wish to extend their adventure experience with furthermore elevation gains with the possible use of climbing gear. Most of the hiking routes in the Himalayas go as high as 5500 meters, and the trekking peak climbing experience starts above and beyond 6000 meters. Getting on top of any of these trekking peaks above 6000 meters offers the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure expedition summit thrill beyond simply trekking in the Himalayas.

Top 10 Adventure Destination- Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp is the Top Ten adventure destination in the world; hundreds or thousands of trekkers make it to the base camp each year. Many of these experience trekkers are looking to expand their adventure experiences. Trekking peak climbing would be best for those wishing the adventure beyond simply trekking. Parades of mountains in Nepal offer a great opportunity to scale these trekking peaks above 6000 meters to have a thrilling experience. This is an adventure beyond trekking and also a preparation for a more extensive expedition like Amadablam or Mount Everest in years to come.

Trekking Peak above 6000 meters Gear and Permits

There are numerous 6000-, 7000- and 8000-meter peaks near the Everest base camp in Nepal. Out of many of them, we have a few below to call the trekking peaks, which require 3 to 4 days extra time. For these peak climbing adventures, one needs to have a climbing boot, an ascender, harness, ice axe, the figure of eight, etc., camping gear, and a peak climbing permit. Few tour companies offer all the personal and group climbing gear for trekking peak climbing. No doubt it saves a lot of budgets on your trip if your company provides the unrestricted use of these expensive climbing gear. You can even rent this gear, but it is still costly, and the quality and size might need compromise while hiring it, and you may need an extra porter to get this gear to the base camp. In addition, most tour companies offer climbing training. It usually is much more practical to do this training at the base camp with enough time up to a day at the base camp for the climbing clinic before the summit push.

Island Peak with Everest base camp

Nepal's most popular trekking peak is Island peak, near the Everest base camp. We get there within two days of the regular hike. You can do this Island peak climbing with an Everest base camp trek on your trekking trip to Nepal. It is better to have three nights at the base camp of Island peak. One afternoon getting there, the next day for climbing training and gear check, and another day for climbing to the summit. It is also recommended to have an extra day in case of bad weather. Thus, 4 / 5 days extra would be enough to complete the Island peak climbing while you are on the Everest base camp trek.

Lobuche East Peak with Everest base camp

Another possible and nearest peak to the base camp of Everest is Lobuche peak climbing. Lobuche east is a trekking peak that offers a great view of Everest from the top. Having 4/5 days extra time on the EBC trek provides an excellent opportunity to expand your adventure experience beyond trekking in the Himalayas.


One can have a peak climbing summit thrilling experience by having 4/5 days extra time on a regular Everest base camp trek, which is one the best opportunity while on a trekking journey to the Everest region in Nepal. There is an option to join the four days Island Peak climbing portion only by joining the team at the base camp of Island peak, even if you are doing the independent hiking adventure to the Everest base camp yourself. Ensuring you have the right company to travel with proper gear and training makes the adventure experience hassle-free, cost-effective, and safe. Mountain Monarch has been organizing the trekking peak climbing of these peaks for two decades, providing all personal and group climbing gear to each trekker.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu