Winter Peak Climbing in Nepal

Winter peak climbing in Nepal
Updated on May 05, 2024

Let's Dare to Climb the Himalayan Peaks in December for a Great & Wonderful Experience

The Himalayas connote the adverse conditions of hard and cold. Thus, many travelers around the world conclude that climbing the Himalayas in the winter season is not doable or impossible. No doubt it gets colder at night in December, and there is a chance of accumulating snow as well, making most of the trekking peak climbing more challenging and complex than other times of the year. But once you choose a suitable mountain for winter peak climbing in Nepal, you will find it is safe, doable, and within reach of any fit trekkers. We must avoid the peak, which has a high pass to cross, by selecting the peak climbing trip in December or winter in the Himalayas. It is better to have only tented camping for a few nights rather than the whole camping trip to avoid colder nights.

Trekking Peaks to Climb in Winter

Among all the trekking peaks in Nepal, the Island peak climbing is one of the best peak climbing trips in December in the Himalayas as there are no high passes to get to its base camp, and we stay three nights tented camping for the climbing duration only. For the rest of the nights, we stay at a typical teahouse. With the company's tremendous and tested gear, the colder nights won't be a big issue when joining Nepal's peak climbing in December. Mountain Monarch, a local expert who runs a company in Nepal, regularly organizes the peak climbing trip in Nepal in December as well. This December 2017, we led three groups to the Island's peak summit, achieving an 85% summit success rate.

Winter trekking and climbing trips in the Himalayas also have some significant advantages. Let's check the traveler records of the Everest region this year. It is recorded that around 9000 travelers visited this region in October, whereas just over 1000 travelers visited it in December. Only a few groups got the permit to scale the Island peak in winter; thus, the base camp and summit are just for you. Typically, December offers excellent weather with a blue sky almost every day, which is rare at other times of the year – a great positive side of winter December adventure in the Himalayas.

Those who have time in December for trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, Island Peak in the Everest region, and Yala Peak climbing in the Langtang region offer an excellent opportunity to join the winter peak climbing in Nepal.

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