• May 7, 2015

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Rebuild with Mountain Monarch: Getting Together for Restoration

The tragic devastation of the 7.9 scale earthquake dated the 25th of April 2015 has shaken the lives of millions of Nepal, once a paradise, shattering their dreams and hopes of tomorrow. The outcry of the orphans, bereaved families, and those who have lost their cozy homes is indescribable, and it is still hard to contemplate how these people cope with their day-to-day life amid aftershocks and wreckage. But, most significantly, the commotion lies with a question of what their tomorrow will be like. Will the relief supplies from the national and international bodies be enough to sustain their coming years?

Mountain monarch is all set to assist a few of the overlooked places in the Himalayas with the idea of rehabilitating these areas in the possible ways as our exploration shows that the basic necessity of rebuilding is with the ravaged schools, toilets, houses sanitation facilities. Building houses for millions is far from our approach as we are starting from the ground level. So this is a plea to everyone who, with utmost trust and values, has been with mountain monarch and are ready to go the extra mile to assist our program physically or financially. Besides, we welcome anyone with benevolence prepared to give away their generosity in carrying out our re-establishment plan for a good cause. However, the fact lies about this not being mandatory. It is an entirely personal matter, though mountain monarch and its team have collected funds, though not adequate, to carry out a few things that we have dreamed of, and the initiation of the implementation of our plan has taken off gradually, starting from trivial.

We want to thank you all for your deep, hearty concern and love towards mountain monarch with all your emails, phone calls, and messages, and also, we will like to thank you in advance for all the good wishes which we are sure to flow with positive thoughts to help the Nepal earthquake-affected people.

“Your LITTLE contribution will make a BIG difference in restoring the lives of bereaved families in the Himalayas.”

Let us all join hands and get together for a worthy cause.

damage homes

(Earthquake damaged houses at Sanitar, Dolka district Nepal. Reported all 60 houses of this village are grounded.)

shelter earthquake

(people talking about shelter after the earthquake)

earthquake damage home

Mountain Monarch

Mountain Monarch