• May 23, 2016

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Trekking Season in Nepal: Best Time for Hiking

When a traveler thinks about visiting Nepal for a trekking adventure, they first try to find the best time for the trek in Nepal. Among the four seasons, Autumn (September to November) and Spring (March-May) is considered the trekking season, whereas Winter (December to February) and Summer (June To August) are considered as offseason for trekking activities.

In Autumn, the temperature is moderate as the rains have stopped, and the sky is beautiful and clear for the best view of the mountains during trekking. A similar weather condition is in Spring as the rains will not start yet and the temperature is warm. This is a time for flowers to blossom, and on the trekking routes, one can see the hills of rhododendrons- a national flower of Nepal. So for Autumn, you can choose any trekking holiday packages we've listed here.

During winter, the temperature is freezing, and there is a risk of winds and colder temperatures in the higher altitude trekking routes. In summer, the temperature is pretty high and challenging to walk. Also, it involves monsoons during summer, and it will not be an ideal time to hike in heavy rainfall.

Winter and Monsoon Adventure in Nepal

As there are limitations in winter and summer, at Mountain Monarch, we've designed a winter trekking package as an Everest base camp trek- Celebrate x-mas and New year in the Himalayas. For the monsoon trekking package, you can explore the Upper Mustang trekking. So for all four seasons, we've something to offer, and even you can customize and plan your trip, and we can recommend the best deals for a hiking trip in Nepal as per your travel schedule.

Contact us for any detailed information or any personal travel consultant. In addition, we offer Free travel advice to ensure everything is planned and scheduled to make the most of your time during the holidays in Nepal.

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