The Nepali Dialect

  • Jul 19, 2020
  • Hemanta Maharjan

Table of Contents

Learn Nepali language

Travellers in Nepal have felt pretty comfortable speaking only in English during their stay, whether they are in major cities or in popular rural trekking routes. Nepalese people are familiar with rudimentary English vocabulary. However, learning a few words from the local Nepali dialect is helpful as it tends to make the Nepalese people friendlier. This could also be an advantage if your diction is not received well or misunderstood. Here are a list of words and phrases of Nepali dialect that you may consider learning when making multi-day trips in Nepal.

Some common words and phrases from Nepali dialect

Namaste                                         Hello

tapainkonaam k ho?                    What is your name?

meronaam John ho                      My name is John.

yobaaTo kata jancha?                  Where does this road lead to?

khana                                              meal/lunch/dinner

paani                                               water

khanadinus                                    please give me food

paanidinus                                     please give me water

bhoklaagyo                                    I am hungry

trikhalaagyo                                  I am thirsty

dhanyabaad                                  Thank you

ho, hajur                                        Yes

chaina, hoina                                No

malaimaafgarnus                        Please forgive me.

angrejibolnuhuncha?                 Do you speak English?

maali ali Nepali bolchu              I speak basic Nepali.

ta-ta / Namaste                            Bye bye

Chor!                                              Thief!

malaisahayoggarnus                   Please help me.

maharayen                                  I am lost.

doctor kata hunuhuncha              Where is the doctor?

masakaharihun                             I am a vegetarian.

aaja                                                today

hijo                                                 yesterday

bholi                                               tomorrow

Counting numbers:

Ek=1                                      Dui=2                                    Tin=3

Char=4                                  Paach=5                               Chha=6

Saat=7                                  Aath=8                                 Nau=9

Dash=10                               bis=20                                   teece=30

chalis=40                              pachhas=50                        eksaye=100

Talking about quantities:

Yeskokatirupiya?                                              How much does this cost?

thorai                                                                    less

dherai                                                                   more

aadha                                                                    half

Asking for specific things:

Malai ............. dinus                                      Please give me ................

dinus                                                               please give

linus                                                                 please take

Ausadhi=medicine                                           chiya=tea                            ticket=ticket

kotha= room                                                    Charpi=toilet                        Chiso=cold

Taato=hot                                                         sabun=soap                        rumal=tower/handkerchief

(Remember that learning a new language takes some time. Also, the pronunciation could be difficult in the beginning but improves with practice. Take your chance to speak in Nepali whenever you can! Enjoy your stay in Nepal.)