Tourist arrival in Nepal 2017- Once again double digit growth

  • Apr 3, 2020
  • Mountain Monarch

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tourist arrival in 2017

Nepal, the Himalayan wonder land and an amphitheater for adventure enthusiasts, once again achieved the double digit boom on tourists arrival in the year 2017. The growth is around 29% compare to last year 2016. The total number of tourist arrival has reached 940,218 in 2017 from 753,002 in 2016.

The country has slightly missed its target to welcome 1 million tourists in 2017. Tourist arrival in Nepal has dip down to 554,000 only in the fiscal year of 2015 due to the devastating earthquake on 25 April 2015. There is remarkable growth on arrival from 2016 as the travellers around the world got reassured and felt safe to travel to Nepal once again after the earthquake. The government of Nepal has set its goal to welcome 2 million tourists by 2020. Though the target seems ambitious but it is achievable in partnership of government and private sectors join effort. The infrastructure for tourism and exploration and diversification of tourism activities is taking place to archive the nation’s target by 2020. The tourist boom is expected to continue its increase in 2018 with more than 30%.

The tourists arrival from United States of America and United Kingdom has reach at its record breaking point of around 50% with 79,146 from USA and 51,058 from UK in 2017 in compare to 46,295 from USA and 25,769 from UK in 2016. USA and UK stands on 3rd and 4th position of tourist arrival in Nepal where are India and China the neighbourhood countries hold 1st and 2nd position respectively. Remarkable growth is being seen on adventure trekking and climbing activities in the year 2017.

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