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How to choose the best trekking company in Nepal?

Undoubtedly the choosing the best trekking company in Nepal from the thousand of existing companies is not an easy assignment. In fact, numerous companies are offering great service, a high level of safety standards, and maximum client satisfaction. With the start of October, trekking and climbing activities in Nepal Himalayas has geared up at their full phase. We encounter trekking groups on every trekking route in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu as well as Mustang regions.

Some Tips on Choosing the Best Trekking Company:

  • Analyse clients review and testimonial. Most reviews include the clients' email addresses that you can always write and inquire about the company.
  • Talk to the previous traveler if you know any who have been to Nepal, they might have some recommendation or story to tell about their trip.
  • Look out for the trip cost and inclusion carefully so there aren’t any surprises. Check carefully the cost inclusion and make sure it fulfills your requirement for the trip.
  • Check whether the company offers fixed group joining departure dates to join the group.
  • Examine the company safety standards that you can do in different ways either checking the website, emailing with a company, or checking the company’s reviews on trip advisor.
  • Make sure the company does carry the Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) or Oxygen with a comprehensive first aid kit and a medically trained trek leader on all high altitude treks to handle any emergencies or health issues in the Himalayas.
  • Avoid looking for cheap companies as they might not always deliver what they promise. Many trekkers wrote about their travel experience compelling to take Helicopter out of trek without completing the journey.
  • Investigate if the company has an applicable license and has registration procedure done from various required authorities like the Department of Tourism Ministry in Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN).
  • Check the Founders of Company – whether they are simply a businessman or adventure leaders or experts. Do they have earlier adventure trip leading experience or are they leading the trip?
  • Make sure you have trip leader who is reliable competent professional and medically trained. Of course capable of handling any adverse situation on a trek.
  • Analyze the establishment of a company since how long they are in business as years of experience makes a difference.
  • Check the company’s responsible policies including how they treat the porters which might be a most important factor in choosing the best trekking company in Nepal
  • Still confused - talk with the company. Companies are always ready to provide you with the necessary detail as per your requests.

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Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu