• Aug 19, 2022

Dare to dream of standing at 5364 meters above sea level at the base camp of Mt. Everest. Though spring and autumn are the best time to be there, we can also do this Everest base camp trek in December. December is the start of the winter season, the best time to do this base camp trek as the Winter offers crystal-clear blue sky and relatively fewer trekkers on the route, which means no need to worry about the popular season trekkers crowd. Though it gets colder at night and morning and evening, the daytime is a pretty cool temperature to hike from one place to the next. Celebrating Christmas and New Year on the mountain next to Mt. Everest could be an extraordinary way to celebrate the festival and welcome the new year. Here below are some tips to prepare for the Everest base camp trek in Winter

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Some Tips on Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Gear to prepared

The month of December is the starting month of the winter season in the Himalayas; thus, having the appropriate gear is a must to complete the journey to the Everest base camp. We recommend having a suitable sleeping bag and down jacket which can bear -15 degrees. Well-insulated trekking boots, Woolen cap, mitten gloves, thermal under gear, Wind stopper pants, and jackets. Trekking trousers, sun cream, and sunglass are most on this winter trekking to the Everest base camp.

Accommodation on the Base camp trek

At the base camp of Everest, there are many teahouses with various facilities. Typically all teahouse has a cozy dining hall and twin-bedded room to stay in. Don’t accept any heating or warmer room while on the trek. Usually, the dining room gets heated in the evening time. Due to the temperature below zero degrees, expect frozen water and some snow on trails while on the December hike to the base camp.

Can we do the Everest base camp trek in December?

Yes, you can do this Everest base camp trek in December. It is the best time to do it if you are from a colder region, and the typical cold is not a big issue.

Trail conditions in winter

The trekking routes to the base camp of Everest don’t go over the high passes, and usually, the routes are gradual ups and downs, thus a relatively straightforward and safe trail to hike all around. We can expect some snowfall towards late December, which usually goes away in a few hours a day.

Temperature- Everest base camp trek

Expect the temperature below zero degrees for a few nights at a higher elevation, and be prepared accordingly once you decide to do this Everest base camp trek in December. The daytime temperature could go as high as 5 to 15 degrees, and the nighttime temperature can drop to –15 degrees at a higher elevation.

Pros and Cons

The best thing to do the Everest base camp trek in December is the clear sky with great mountain profiles around. You won’t meet the popular trekking crowd during the busy trekking season. The only cons of winter trekking to Everest is that it gets colder at night. Having great gear on colder nights is not an issue to stop the trekkers from going on their journey in winter.

Food and Drinks

We can have Nepalese and assorted food items on this trek to the Everest base camp. Nepali meals like rice, vegetable curry, and lintel are the best while on a hike. Besides that, you can have meals like noodles, items from potatoes, etc. You may wish to try Pizza or cakes at some places. It is always better to have adequately boiled drinking water than plastic bottled water on the trek.

Lukla Flight

The flight to Lukla is one of the most exciting half-hour flights to Lukla to start the journey to the Everest region. Normally twin otters or Dornier 228 planes land at the Lukla runway, which is just 527 meters long on an 11.7% gradient. The flight to Lukla depends on weather conditions, and it is better to have extra days in your pocket to deal with any unpredicted weather situation.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu