Nepal Adventures

Nepal adventure activities start with trekking and peak climbing to rafting and jungle safari to cultural tours. Nepal, a Himalayan landlocked kingdom, is sandwiched between two power giants of Asia: China on the north and India on all other sides. Though small in its size more than 30 million people live here with recorded 125 ethnic groups practicing their own culture and tradition. The topographical variation start from 70 m lowland to the world’s highest peak Everest 8848 meter. Thus resulting from the subtropical to Arctic climatic condition within the span of 200 km width. Nepal boasts many diverse cultural and natural world heritage sites including Everest and Chitwan National parks.

Adventure in Nepal: Trekking, Hiking, Climbing, Safari, Rafting

Cultural diversity and topographical variation make adventure in the Himalayas a unique destination. Thus Nepal is a paradise for adventure activities. Such as trekking, hiking, peak climbing and expedition, jungle safari, white water rafting, canyoning in its best form. Having so many adventure activities in Nepal, we have seen many travelers returning again and again to explore its wonders and beauty. No doubt, Nepal – Once is not enough.