Rafting in Kali Gandaki - 03 Days

Grade 4 + White Water Rafting Adventure
Rafting in Kali Gandaki
At a Glance

Rafting in Kali Gandaki - Grade 4+ Whitewater Adventure in Nepal

The Kali Gandaki Rafting trip offers the ultimate whitewater challenges. Besides that, the spectacular scenery as it plunges between the rugged walls of a massively deep canyon. The river is famous for having the deepest gorge in the world (deeper in places than the Grand Canyon). It offers steep drops, huge waves, and continuous Class III and Class IV whitewater rafting. Thus, whitewater rafting in Kali Gandaki is known as a great, adventurous whitewater river. This river rafting is recommended for individuals with good swimming ability and previous whitewater rafting experience.

The initial day of the Rafting trip starts with warm-up practices in Class 3 + and 4+ Rapids. Protective helmets and life jackets are compulsory and included in the rafting in Kali Gandaki packages. Next, guests with good previous paddling experience may go through the rapids with our professional guide in a self-bailing "paddle raft."

Guests with less experience may choose an "oar boat" operated and controlled by one of our professional boatmen. Your boatman and guides have years of experience and are completely familiar with all the different phases of the river. In addition, they know the geology and history of the area and will entertain you during your rafting trip to Nepal.