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    Michael Daley 5.0United StatesPublished June 20, 2021

    Father and Son Adventure

    My son and I had been wanting to do this trip for the last few years. We had it planned for 2020 but COVID canceled that. It was a close call on making it for 2021 but our dream came true. Pradip was able to transfer our 2020 $ to 2021. He is a professional in every way and one of the nicest people you’ll meet. We still had restrictions with COVID but MMA put our safety first. We saw more than normal in Kathmandu and learned a lot and I mean a lot. Since we passed the COVID test we started our trek early my son and I said we’d weather spend more time in the Himalayas than in Kathmandu so Pradip and CP our guide suggested we add some extra days and add two more summits and Chola Pass to the trek. CP is an excellent guide, also one of the nicest people you’ll meet. He educated us on the people, food, culture, mountains, and the way of life up until high. We all really got to know each other very well. CP even taught us how to play Nepalese rummy to pass the time in the tea houses and we taught him double solitaire. He got to know our abilities and even gave us a challenge on the Trick Trail which we enjoyed. He was always concerned with our COVID safety when we were in villages and provided masks for us. He never presses us, he always stressed to be patient and go slow (Bestari Bestari). He made us feel very confident and strong with his compliments and kindness. He became a very good friend on the trail, it was as if we’d known him for a long time. CP is also very funny and entertaining, a very happy man that enjoys helping people understand his culture and the beauty of the Himalayas. You can tell he loves being in the mountains and sharing his knowledge. We always stayed at very nice tea houses/lodges that had great cooks. The food was FANTASTIC. We were vegetarians on the trail until the way down and we ate like kings. Not only was the food excellent, but there was also always plenty of it, you never went hungry. With MMA, my son and I each had our own porter and we even got them to have some fun with us on the pass and join us in cards. The three summits we did were Nangkar Tshang, Kala Patthar and Gokyo Ri. The two extra summits and going over Chola pass really added to the fun and adventure and it was not much of an additional cost. I am SO HAPPY that we booked the trek through Mountain Monarch. We met some great people and had a trip of a lifetime. If I go back, I’m definitely using them again because been with the best there’s no reason to look elsewhere. I know you can only give five stars but they deserve more. I’ve never seen any person or any company do as much as they do for us.

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    Zoe Bazley 5.0AustraliaPublished February 02, 2020

    Two Thumbs Way Up!!!

    A huge thanks to Pradip and the Mountain Monarch Team for getting us to the top of Island Peak. Great team, fantastic service, thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip!

  • Sharon Mikel
    Sharon Mikel 5.0United StatesPublished January 26, 2020


    Our group of 11, aged 55 – 74, hired Mountain Monarch Company to guide us to Everest Base Camp and summit Kala’ Patthar, on their standard EBC trek in Oct / Nov 2019. It was evident from the beginning we made the best choice. Communication pre-trip with Pradip was easy and no question was a problem for them. Everything stated in the Itinerary happened: meeting us at the airport, taking us on a tour of Kathmandu, organizing flights to and from Lukla, porters, accommodations, etc. The most noteworthy thing I have to mention is their concern for our safety and satisfaction, on every level. Our guides, CP, Santos, and Sanu became family during our trek. One of our members “left it all out on the mountains”, and needed to be evacuated. Mountain Monarchs organized the helicopter, picked us up at the airport, took us to the international hospital, where we received the best care, and stayed with us until we could leave. Thank you, Ram, for your great caretaking of all of us on the world heritage sites in Kathmandu. It was seamless and not a problem for the Mountain Monarch team. Mountain Monarchs has the best price for this trek and I would highly recommend using them for your “trip of a lifetime”. Do it sooner, rather than later!!

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    James Davidson 5.0United StatesPublished December 05, 2019

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek Everything We Had Hoped For!

    My son and I just returned from the Everest Base Camp Heli Trek, and we have nothing but glowing praise for Mountain Monarch and the team that led and supported us. Before the trek, Pradip quickly and responded to our questions and gave solid advice. For example, when I informed him of the flight that we were planning, he told me that the Kathmandu airport was going to be closed at our scheduled arrival time. A Google search confirmed the closure. I don’t understand how a major airline could have a flight scheduled during a planned airport closure, but I’m very glad that Pradip caught it. He advised us well on other items as well.

    The hotel in Kathmandu before and after the trek was very western and served a wide variety of western and other dishes. The staff was friendly and helpful.

    Every aspect of the trek itself was exactly as advertised. Our main guide, Dawa, and his assistant, Bhutan (maybe misspelled) were extremely attentive to our needs. They monitored us closely for any signs of altitude sickness, ensured that we carried enough filtered water and that we were drinking it, helped us to choose safe menu items at meals, and explained very clearly what to expect regarding the next day’s trek, a bonus was listening to them talk about their own lives in Nepal. I have to laud the porters as well. While we carried just light packs containing what we needed for the day, they carried our large duffel bags, which were always awaiting us in our rooms at the end-of-day tea house. Whenever we saw the porters they were pleasantly smiling and encourages us.

    Frankly, I had been a little nervous about the helicopter, knowing what complex pieces of machinery they are, but the helicopter that picked us up looked new, was clean, appeared to be well maintained, and was professionally piloted. It was a very pleasant flight that gave us very nice views of the mountains and countryside.

    Hats off to Mountain Monarch! If I am fortunate enough to return to Nepal, I won’t even bother researching other companies.

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    David Jimenez 5.0AustraliaPublished November 26, 2019

    Ama Ddablam 2018

    Climb Ama Dablam with mountain monarch and a team of amazing people around the world.
    The expedition was very well organized with the confidence of strong and knowledgeable professionals. Very well money spent that I will never regret. 100 percent recommend mountain monarch. When I first booked with mountain monarch I had my doubts, but after the experience, I will probably do another expedition with them.

  • Christopher Mills
    Christopher Mills 5.0United KingdomPublished November 17, 2019

    Island Peak with EBC

    Where to start! Before the trip, I did a lot of research on which company to go with. Lots appeared to have mixed reviews or something about the itinerary which wasn’t quite what I wanted. I came across Mountain Monarch and they ticked every box. Speaking to their owner, Pradip, he was very helpful (and quick) at answering any questions/requests that I had. The reviews are pretty much ALL amazing, so I was a little suspicious! But everywhere you read reviews about them, they are faultless. So I booked on with them. Everything they promised, was delivered with exceptional service. I was picked up at the airport (I had been panicking a little as it took so long to get through the airport customs, but they were patiently waiting outside), then Pradip met me when I arrived at the hotel. The sightseeing was fantastic, led by Ram, the most cheerful and knowledgeable guy I met on the trip! It was a great chance to bond with the group I would be spending the next few days/weeks with (some had differing itineraries). We met our group trekking guide Netra who talked us through the trip. Then the following morning we had an early start to get to Ramenchap. Unfortunately, our Lukla flight was delayed due to weather, but Mountain Monarch arranged a hotel for the night and did all they could. We flew out early the following morning so it was no issue in the long run. Once at Lukla, I met another trekking guide who would stay with me all the way. Ram is an absolute legend! By the end, I would absolutely class him as a good friend. Both Netra and Ram worked so hard to make sure everything went smoothly for us. They always pre-booked our beds for the night, gave us great advice to stay healthy (which I did the whole trip), and were very adaptive to the pace of the whole group. The entire trip was such a great experience, and I can hand on heart say that Mountain Monarch played a big part in that. I will 100% be returning to Nepal, and I will not hesitate to use these guys again. Thank you so much for your hard work, it really makes the difference between a company that just wants your money or a company that wants you to have the best time possible.

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    Craig Powell 5.0United StatesPublished July 17, 2019

    Kathmandu To Pokhara Trip

    We did the Kathmandu to Pokhara trip with MM last month and really could not recommend them more.  The guides were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and the whole operation was very well organized and enjoyable. Our lead guide Ram was one of the friendliest (not to mention happiest) men I think I’ve ever met, who looked after our every need during the trip. The owner Pradip took us out for our last day of the tour around Kathmandu and also proved to be an excellent guide and really went the extra mile to look after us, even after our trip was technically at an end. I’m hoping to do the EBC trail in a few years and I’ll be booking with these guys again for sure.Highly recommended.

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    Kestin Lungdren 5.0AustraliaPublished March 11, 2019

    Wonderful day hiking

    We had an absolutely wonderful day hiking from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan! It was precisely what we had hoped for: nice views, villages and some forest. The guide was very knowledgeable and spoke good English. He was also fun to talk to. The car was good and the driver excellent, which made us feel safe.

    Thank you very much for arranging this, especially on such a short notice