Shamanism Tour in Nepal


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Shamanism Trip in the Himalayas

Shamanism is being practiced for thousands of years worldwide that have developed a time-tested healing method. The rest of the world does not know Shamanism in the Himalayas before Nepal is being open for trekking and climbing in the 1950s. Nepal has diverse nature and culture with over a hundred ethnic groups and most of them having their own Shamans. Shamanism in Nepal is practicing for a long time that co-exists with Hinduism and Buddhism. Thus Nepal is one of the most popular and screed land for the Shamanism tour in the world.

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing that shares some common beliefs worldwide. These are the existence of spirits that can be good or evil. They can communicate with the spirits and cure the sickness caused by them and can tell the future. Shamans often perform ritual prescribed by spirits who know and links between the physical and spiritual world. They conduct ceremonial rituals, healing the patients, driving away from the evil spirits, and appealing for wealth, health, and happiness. A Shaman heals both the living and the deceased. In healing those who pass away, the shaman performs a Psychopomp ceremony of helping those who have died cross over to a comfortable and peaceful place. The ceremony may also include clearing a home or land of spirits that are in a state of unrest.

Shamans and Shamanism Tour in Nepal

Shamans are known as Dhami and Jhankri although each ethnic groups have their own name as per their dialects. Local shamans hold great power and authority and are respected as a guardian of the societies in Nepal. Shamans devote their life to the community and it is their responsibility to ensure the well-being of the family and community. Shaman as a healer examines animal entrails for signs, collects medicinal plants, performs sacrifices, drive the spirit from the ill person's body. Each Shaman uses sacred objects, drums, chants, and dances to initiate and sustain inspiration by deities. Mountain Monarch customizes the Shamanism trekking and tours in Nepal on per the requirement. Shamanism activities can be added on a trek. Shamanism tour in Nepal is one of the emerging attractions for many spiritual travelers visiting the Himalayas.