Tsum Valley Trek

  • Duration: 21 Days


  • Difficulty LevelStrenuous
  • Trip ModeTea House
  • Best TimeOct - Dec, March - May

Tsum Valley Trek - Less Trodden Trekking Close to Tibet

Experience one of the best offbeat treks in Nepal. This Tsum Valley Trek is ideal for those who want to explore the remote and less trodden hidden valley trekking experience in the Himalaya. Tsum Valley is a part of the Tibetan Plateau that lies in the remote Himalayan section of the Gorkha District. The three-week-long Tsum trekking takes you along the traditional Tibetan settlements of the Tsumba people towards Mu Gompa, Rachen Gompa, and Gonhgye Gompa. Local people at Tsum valley still practice the polyandry system marrying a girl between all the brothers in a family. Very few adventure travelers have made it to this high and mysterious hidden valley, which used to be an important trade link junction between Nepal and Tibet.

Witness the remote lifestyle and occupation of the Himalayan tribes residing in the Chumche and Chhekampar valleys of Tsum. The exposed glaciated valley of Chhekampar offers magnificent views of Ganesh Himal (7422 m), Sringi Himal (7165 m), and Boudha Himal (6672 m).

Tsum Valley Trekking with Manaslu Hike en Route

Tsum Valley Trek begins upon your arrival in Kathmandu City. Before embarking on the trek, you'll indulge in a brief cultural sightseeing tour around the historic city. Home to seven different UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will visit numerous tourist destinations such as Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Boudhanath.

Leaving Kathmandu Valley, you’ll embark on a whole day road journey along the enormous Trishuli and Budi Gandaki Rivers towards Arughat Bazaar. Arughat in Gorkha District offers access to the remote Tsum Valley. The trail gradually advances upstream along the Budi Gandaki River. Witness the traditional settlements located along the banks of the Budi Gandaki.

The trail rises towards Soti Khola and continues to climb upstream towards Machha Khola Valley of the Manaslu region. Then, you’ll enter the Lower Tsum Valley or Chumche. Walk past Philim and Chumling village to enter the Upper sum Valley of Chhekampar. As you enter the high valley, you’ll begin witnessing the rugged terrain and glaciated path.

A part of the Tibetan Plateau, you’ll get to witness the traditional Tibetan settlements. Continue trekking upstream along the Shiar River to arrive at Mu Gompa. The Mu Dephyudonma Gompas are the largest and the highest Buddhist monasteries in the region. Leaving Mu Gompa behind, you’ll begin traversing Rachen Gompa and Gonhgye Gompa before retracing your path back to the Soti Khola trail. The trail gradually descends downstream along the Budi Gandaki River to arrive at Arughat Bazaar. The trek concedes upon your return to Kathmandu. Trekking to another trekking route to Manaslu en route to Tsum valley is another high light on this Tsum Valley trek in the Himalaya

Tsum Trekking: Rich Culture and Diverse Topography

Catch the breathtaking view of Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal along the trail. The scenic trail follows the ancient Kyimu Lung pilgrimage trail that explores the legacy of Guru Milarepa. Visiting Milarepa Piren Caves is another highlight of this trek. Along with obtaining the restricted area permit for Tsum Valley, you must obtain the permits to Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

Tsum Valley Trek Itinerary:

  • 1 Day
    Arrive in Kathmandu / Airport transportation / hotel accommodation.
    • Hotel
    • Welcome Dinner
    • 1340 m
    • Car
    • Airport Pick up

    Tsum Valley Trek begins upon your arrival in Kathmandu. Our representatives will warmly receive you at Tribhuvan International Airport and transfer you to the hotel. Enjoy a refreshment at the hotel. In the evening, we’ll treat you with a delicious welcome dinner. In the meantime, you can enjoy strolling around Thamel Town. Overnight in Kathmandu.

    • Enjoy an aerial tour of Kathmandu City and experience the mesmerizing sight of some of the unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
    • Witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the bustling Kathmandu City and the popular tourist hub of Thamel.
    • Enjoy delectable Nepalese cuisines for the welcome dinner with us.
  • 2 Day
    Cultural tour in KTM / TSUM valley trip briefing.
    • Hotel
    • @ 9 am
    • Breakfast
    • Hiace
    • Cultural Tour

    The day begins with a delicious breakfast. Your trek guide will brief you about the trek in detail. He will visit the appropriate trek offices to obtain the essential permits. In the meantime, you'll embark on a scenic, cultural tour of Kathmandu City and explore some of the most popular historical and cultural sites.

    An experienced tour guide takes you to some of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Boudhanath. The well-guided tour offers insight into the UNESCO sites. You can explore the heritage of Kathmandu City and trace the history of Hinduism and Buddhism. Overnight in Kathmandu.

    • Enjoy a scenic, cultural tour to the most-frequented UNESCO World Heritage sites around Kathmandu City.
    • Explore the history of Tibetan Buddhism at Swayambhunath Stupa and Boudhanath Stupa, two of the most revered Buddhist sites in Nepal.
    • Swayambhunath Stupa atop the hill offers a panoramic view of the entire city.
    • Boudhanath Stupa in Boudha is the largest spherical stupa in the country. The town is also home to the largest influx of Tibetan refugees.
  • 3 Day
    Private vehicle drive to Arughat to start the Tsum valley hiking
    • Teahouse
    • B, L, D, Tea Coffee, Drinking water
    • Hiking

    Leaving Kathmandu, you’ll embark on your starting point of the trek. After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you’ll get on a private jeep and begin driving through the scenic Prithvi Highway. The road journey goes along the massive Trishuli River and later takes a detour north to Gorkha District.

    The historical Gorkha district goes along the Budi Gandaki River towards the bustling Arughat Bazaar. Arughat Bazaar in Gorkha District lies 126km west of Kathmandu City. Upon completing a 7-8hr long journey, you’ll reach Arughat, where you’ll spend the evening witnessing the lifestyle and ambiance of the locals. Overnight in Arughat.

    • Enjoy a scenic road journey along the massive river, deep ravine, and lush forested hills.
    • Gorkha is the historical destination that carries the legacy of the Shah Kingdom, the largest and the longest-reigning kingdom of Nepal.
    • Arughat Bazaar lies on the foothills of Ganesh Himal so that you can enjoy the mesmerizing sight of Ganesh Himal.
  • 4 Day
    Hike to Soti Khola.
    • Tea house
    • B, L, D, Coffee, Tea, Water
    • 790 m
    • Trek

    Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Arughat Bazaar. After breakfast, you’ll leave Arughat and begin climbing upstream along the Budi Gandaki River. The upstream trail climbs through the dense forest and small multi-ethnic settlements. Cross a suspension bridge over the Budi Gandaki and continue climbing alongside the Budi Gandaki hydropower plant. The trail goes past beautiful rice and millet fields at Shanti Bazaar and crosses Arkhet Khola to reach Soti Khola. Walk past beautiful waterfalls in Kuerepani to reach Soti Khola. Overnight in Soti Khola.

    • Enjoy the journey along the scenic banks of the Budi Gandaki River and Arkhet Khola.
    • Explore the multi-ethnic settlements and witness the local lifestyle and culture of Brahmin, Chhetri, Gurung, and Magar tribes.

  • 5 Day
    Hiking to Maccha Kola.
    • Teahouse
    • B, L, D, Tea, Coffee, Drinking Water
    • 930 m
    • Trekking

    Leaving Soti Khola, you’ll begin climbing upstream to reach another serene river of Machha Khola. The upstream climb of 177 meters takes you through the beautiful Sal forests. The trail climbs along the Budi Gandaki River and continues for another 4-5hr. Upon crossing the Sal forest, you’ll continue climbing through rocky ridges towards the Gurung village of Lapubesi. Enjoy a delicious lunch, and then continue trekking alongside the Budi Gandaki River to reach Machha Khola. Overnight in Machha Khola.

    • Explore the terraced fields of maize and wheat along the trek.
    • Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Gurung village of Lapubesi.
    • Climb above the Budi Gandaki Valley to reach Machha Khola.
  • 6 Day
    Hike to Doban.
    • Tea house
    • B, L, D, Tea Coffee, Water
    • 1070 m
    • Trek

    Leaving Machha Khola, you’ll continue on your trail along the Budi Gandaki River. The trail is covered with lush Sal forests on one side and a massive river on the other that goes north towards Thado Khola. Cross the Thado Khola to reach Khorlabesi. The trail goes along the lush fields of coffee, buckwheat, and tobacco towards Tatopani. Leaving the forested site, you’ll enter a narrow gorge that leads directly towards Tatopani. Enjoy a delicious lunch before continuing on your trek to Dobhan village. Overnight in Dobhan.

    • Witness the rich fields of coffee, buckwheat, and tobacco along the trail.
    • Take a dip in the natural hot spring at Tatopani Bazaar.
  • 7 Day
    Walk to Philim.
    • Tea House
    • B, L, D, Tea Coffee, Water
    • 1570 m
    • Walking

    Leaving Dobhan village, you’ll begin climbing uphill along the Dobhan River and continue towards the confluence at the east of the Budhi Gandaki River. A short hike brings you to Thulo Dhunga. Cross an old suspension bridge over the Yaru River and continue trekking towards Thado Bharyang. The trail gently climbs uphill towards the village of Jagat, where you can enjoy your lunch. Leaving Jagat, you’ll begin trekking towards Philim via Sirdibas village. Overnight in Philim.

    • Explore the beautiful Gurung settlements along the Budi Gandaki riverbanks.
    • Make a short visit to the local Chholing Sandup Gompa.
    • Enjoy the magnificent sight of Ganesh II and Ganesh VI Peaks.
    • Enter Manaslu Conservation Area at Jagat and continue trekking through the serene conservation site.
  • 8 Day
    Hike to Chumling.
    • Tea house
    • B. L. D. Tea Coffee. Drinking Water
    • 2350 m
    • Hiking

    Leaving Philim village, you’ll begin climbing the above Budi Gandaki Valley towards Chumling village. The trail rises through the narrow ridge and continues towards Chisopani village. You’ll enter the scenic Lower Tsum Valley and begin climbing uphill along the south side of the Siyar River. Continue trekking along the colorful grain, potato, and bean fields overlooking the beautiful Shringi Himal. The trail briefly descends to Gumlung village and then continues to climb upstream along the Siyar River towards Chumling.

    • Enter the remote Tsum Valley that is home to almost 4,000 residents residing in 18 villages.
    • Enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of Shringi Himal.
  • 9 Day
    Trek to Chhokengparo.
    • Teahouse
    • B, L. D Tea Coffee Water
    • Hiking

    Leaving Chumling, you'll begin climbing upstream along the Siyar Khola. Enjoy the beautiful sight of Ganesh Himal Range along the exposed ridge. The trail continues past traditional Tibetan-styled settlements towards Ripchet village (2468m). Enjoy a delicious lunch, and then continue along the trail to Rainjam village. Continue climbing upstream along the Serpu Khola to reach the village of Chhokangparo. Overnight in Chhokangparo.

    • Catch the majestic sight of Ganesh Himal along the trail.
    • Chhokangparo valley divides into two different settlements, namely Chhokang and Paro.

  • 10 Day
    Hike to Chule / visit the MILARAPA PIREN CAVE on the way.
    • Tea house
    • B. L. D tea coffee, drinking water
    • 3360 m
    • Hiking

    Leaving Chhokangparo, you’ll begin climbing through the rocky terrain towards Lama Gaon (3202m). A short uphill trek brings you to Milarepa Piren Cave. Milarepa Cave in Tsum Valley is known as Piren Phu, which translates to pigeons cave. The locals believe that the revered saint Milarepa meditated in the caves. You can choose to visit the nearby gompas, Tara and Milarepa. Leaving the caves, you’ll begin climbing upstream along Shiyar Khola and continue trekking past Pangdun (3258m) to arrive at Chule village.

    • Enjoy a scenic visit to the revered site of Milarepa Piren Cave. The locals believe that the saint Milarepa meditated in the Piren caves.
    • Explore the high-altitude monasteries of Tara and Milarepa. 

  • 11 Day
    • Teahouse
    • B, L, D, Tea, Coffee, Water
    • 3700 m
    • Trekking

    Leaving Chule village, you’ll begin traversing close to the Tibetan border in the north. You’ll continue walking along the west bank of the Tsum valley and trek past Nile village to arrive at Mu Gompa. Witness the rich Tibetan landscape surrounding Mu Gompa. Few hours of the climb through rock moraines brings you to Mu Gompa, nestled on the glacier. Also, the highest point of the trek, Mu Gompa, lies close to the Tibetan border in the north. Overnight in Mu Gompa.

    • Welcome to the remotest and northernmost part of the Tsum Valley that boasts the view of the beautiful Tibetan plateau.
    • Mu Gompa consists of many smaller gompas, also known as Mu Dhephy Donma Gompas. Consider visiting the beautiful sites and meeting the local monks.

  • 12 Day
    Exploration day.
    • Tea house
    • B, L, D, Tea Coffee, Drinking Water
    • 3700 m
    • Exploration

    Wake up to the beautiful view of the Mu Gompas. After enjoying a delicious local breakfast, you'll embark on a tour around Mu Gompa valley. Begin exploring the rocky moraines and glaciers surrounding Mu Gompa. Leaving the gompas behind, you'll begin climbing the local landmark, Pika Himal. The local peak measures 4,865 meters in altitude and lies just a few kilometers away from Mu Gompa. From the top, you can catch the natural sights of Mu Gompa, Shiar Khola, and scenic mountains. Overnight in Mu Gompa.

    • Explore the beautiful Mu Gompa valley lying close to Tibet Border.
    • Climb the local peak of Pika Himal (4865 m), which offers the majestic scenery of the surrounding.
  • 13 Day
    Trek to RACHEN GOMPA visiting GONHGYE GOMPA on the way.
    • Tea House
    • B, L, D Tea Coffe Water
    • 3300 M
    • Trek

    Leaving Mu Gompa, you’ll begin climbing downhill along the Siyar River towards Lamabagar. Upon arrival, you may find yourself standing in front of Rachen Gompa. Rachen Gompa is the only nunnery in the region. Upon visiting the beautiful site, the local nun may offer local delicacies and Tibetan tea. Leaving Rachen Gompa, you’ll begin traversing Milarepa’s many caves and head towards Gonhgye Gompa. Overnight in Rachen Monastery.

    • Explore the beautiful nunnery of Rachen Gompa, where you will get to taste delicious local bread and Tibetan tea.
    • Traverse along Milarepa Caves to reach Gonhgye Gompa.
    • Explore the cattle herder’s settlement at Rachen Monastery.

  • 14 Day
    Hike to Dumje.
    • Tea House
    • B, L, D, Tea, Coffee, Water
    • 2440 m
    • Hike

    Enjoy a delicious local breakfast at Rachen Monastery. From here, you’ll begin climbing downhill along the Shiar River towards Lamagaon. The rugged trail brings you back to Chhekampar village. Walk past a small monastery and cross the wooden bridge to reach Dumje village. Dumje is a small settlement consisting of no more than eight houses. After lunch, you can consider visiting the local Lungdang gompa.

    • Enjoy a relaxing downhill trek along the Shiar Khola overlooking the majestic Ganesh Himal.
    • Enjoy a short tour around the local monastery at Gho.
    • Explore another local monastery of Lungdang at Dumje village.
  • 15 Day
    Walk to Philip.
    • Tea House
    • B, L, D, Tea Coffee, Drinking Water
    • Hiking

    Leaving Dumje village, you’ll begin retracing your path and continue trekking downhill. The scenic trail along the Shiar Khola takes you towards Lokpa village. The trail continues through a lush forested path and heads along the Samba Falls towards Philim village. The entire journey may last anywhere from 6-7hr. The relaxing trek brings you closer to the Budi Gandaki River. Overnight in Philim.

    • Walk past Samba Falls to reach Philim village, the largest Gurung village in the region.
    • Stroll around Philim village and explore the local market in the evening.

  • 16 Day
    Retrace to Tatopani.
    • Tea house
    • All Meals
    • Walking

    Today is an easy trek day. After enjoying your breakfast, you’ll retrace your path along the Dobhan River towards Tatopani village. The scenic trail continues downstream along the Dobhan River and goes past Jagat village to reach Tatopani. After arriving early, you can consider taking a dip into the natural hot spring at Tatopani. You may find both locals and foreigners taking a dip into the water. Overnight in Tatopani.

    • Relieve your body pain as you take a relaxing dip into the natural hot spring.

  • 17 Day
    Hiking back to Soti Khola.
    • Tea house
    • All Meals
    • Hiking

    Leaving Tatopani, you’ll begin retracing your path back to Soti Khola. The trail goes past Sirdibas village, which boasts of large decorated terraced fields. Continue walking through the dense settlement and take the downhill trail along the Budi Gandaki River to reach Khorlabesi village.

    You can enjoy your lunch at Khorlabesi. Upon completion, you’ll exit the forested village and continue trekking downhill through Tharo Khola to reach Macha Khola. The final leg of the trek follows the Budi Gandaki River towards Lapubesi village and takes you past two large waterfalls to reach Soti Khola. Overnight in Soti Khola.

    • Trek past beautiful multi-ethnic villages of Machha Khola and Lapubesi.
    • Catch the mesmerizing sights of two enormous waterfalls at Soti Khola.

  • 18 Day
    Descend to Aarughat.
    • Teahouse
    • All Meals
    • Walk

    Leaving Soti Khola behind, you’ll embark on the last leg of the trek. The trail begins to climb down along the Khola and trek past lush villages en route to Kyoropani. The trail continues downstream along the Kali Gandaki River and reaches Arughat Bazaar. The entire trek may last a few hours. Upon arrival, you can enjoy your lunch, and spend the evening exploring the beautiful town. Overnight in Arughat.

    • Enjoy a relaxing trek along the Soti Khola and Budi Gandaki River.
    • Spend the rest of the day exploring Arughat Bazaar and shopping for local souvenirs
  • 19 Day
    Drive back to Kathmandu / stay at hotel.
    • Hotel
    • Breakfast and Lunch
    • Drive

    Leaving Arughat Bazaar, you'll begin driving back to Kathmandu City. Enjoy a delicious breakfast, and then get on a private jeep. Bid farewell to the beautiful Gorkha District as you start driving downhill along the Budi Gandaki River. Upon exit, you'll continue driving through the Prithvi Highway along the Trishuli River. The entire road journey may last 7-8hr. Upon arrival, you can choose to relax in the hotel or head out to explore the beautiful city. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • 20 Day
    Rest day in Kathmandu.
    • Hotel
    • Breakfast
    • Free Day

    The day begins with a delicious breakfast. Today is the rest day in Kathmandu. You can choose to embark on a cultural tour around the neighboring cities of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. If you need a relaxing time, you can choose to visit the local massage center in Thamel. Overnight in Kathmandu.

  • 21 Day
    Tsum Valley Trek ends / Airport transfer.
    • Breakfast
    • Airport Transfer

    The Tsum Valley Trekking trip officially ends today. Bid farewell to Kathmandu City as you begin driving to the airport. We’ll drop you off two hours before your flight time.

Trip Inclusion

  • Airport arrival and departure transfers.
  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu on a twin share BB basis for the nights as per the itinerary.
  • Welcome dinner with an ethnic cultural program as listed in the itinerary.
  • Half-day guided city tour as listed in the itinerary
  • Stay at the local teahouse on a trek.
  • Full board meals including tea, coffee, and drinking water while on a trek to TSUM valley.
  • Private transportation to and from the starting and endpoints of the trek
  • Free use of quality trekking gear - sleeping bag, fleece inner liner, sleeping pillow, down jacket during the trip.
  • Supplementary Oxygen or Portable Altitude Chamber / Gamow Bag (A life-saving device in case of Acute Mountain Sickness) along with the comprehensive First Aid Kit.
  • Professional local trekking group leader trained in Wilderness First Aid and porter with required gear and proper insurance.
  • Responsible trekking policy of 1 Trekker: 1 Porter
  • Complimentary Mountain Monarch T-shirts, trek map, Trek Duffle bag.
  • Tsum valley special trekking Permit, national park/conservation entry fees.
  • Nepal entry Visa fees and Travel Insurance of any kind
  • International Airfare
  • Drinks and main meals in cities
  • Tips and items of a personal nature like a telephone call, internet, laundry, hot shower etc

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