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The success of any adventure trip in the Himalayas is essentially governed by the quality of an adventure company and the guide's performance. Thus choosing the right adventure company in Nepal is crucial since your choice can impact your fantasized adventure serenity.

There are thousands of registered trekking adventure companies in Nepal emerging almost every day, out of which 90% reside inside the capital city of Kathmandu. Similarly, there are many International tour companies overseas in Nepal catering to the same destination and services. All tour companies whether Nepal base or overseas base International tour companies offer the same adventure trips in the Himalayas guaranteeing advanced quality service than the other.

Overseas Company are Simply a Bridge: They can not Operate without Local Company

Although all companies have to offer the same destination’s adventure package, there is indeed a huge price variation between the international and Nepal-based local companies. Overseas companies are simply the bridge between the trekkers and the Nepal-based companies since running a trip themselves in Nepal is not legitimate as per the Nepal Government rule and regulation. Thus overseas adventure companies need to be affiliated with the legally registered local company. The reason why overseas companies are expensive is that they have their overhead expenses which are blatantly being imposed over the trekkers’ budget.

Communication Technology has undeniably made the world smaller and has opened doors for swift communication. The increasing trend of travelers from far and wide are directly contacting the local adventure company in Nepal. Thus travelers being responsible to help the local economy where they travel. Subsequently, anyone planning to book with an overseas company can honestly ask for the local subcontractor details based in Nepal to know the existing group cost and the people in action on the ground. The BIG TRUTH is that ultimately it is the local company and their experts on ground Zero to lead your adventure trekking and climbing trips in the Himalayas. Thus why not deal directly with Nepal base local adventure companies for the best and safe adventure trip to the Himalayas. Thus, save money! Save time! Travel with locally owned companies.

Reasons to Go with the Local Adventure Company in Nepal:


The important thing about travels is to know that Local companies without a doubt offer a better price than the International overseas companies without any compromise on the quality due to the void of a mediator and the commission program in-between. Booking with the home company means you are with them in a straight line avoiding any commission negotiator constructing your travel experience strongly cost-effective. Besides, home agencies match their cost with their promise.


The theory of sustainable tourism flawlessly applies while booking with local agencies as the cost levied directly goes to the local community. Furthermore, this definitely reflects a constructive impact that has much to do with the overall local advancement. Most local agencies are persistently engaged in their Corporate Social Responsibility helping the local community, to which booking with the home agencies would certainly lend a great hand for a good cause.


Nepal base local tour operator is flexible by nature and can professionally customize the trip itinerary to suits your time and requirement whereas most of the International tour companies has a set of fixed itinerary giving traveler very little or no option. Booking with home agencies makes you vigilant throughout with constant communication providing you with abundant opportunity to play with your itinerary and service. You can basically style your holidays with home agencies.


In case of emergency while on your trip local company unquestionably comes up with the prompt response and provision as their communication network with the emergency aid elements is consistent.


Local company doesn’t deal with multiple country destinations and has valid motivation to focus on their offers maintaining with the best possible service and the destination preservation is well looked after. However, overseas companies have more to bother than just merely looking at one country's destination that usually impacts destination preservation and travelers are to compromise on many trips.


No doubt locals are very acquainted with their land and culture better than anyone else thus anyone can benefit largely traveling with local professionals who are enlightening with their legends, insights of their life and culture at its best. Furthermore, local agencies are well aware of the prevailing conditions and are ready to provide firsthand information ensuring your safety as per your requests and queries that are vital before booking for any adventure trekking in Nepal and climbing expedition in Himalayas.

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Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu