• Sep 3, 2017

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This year mid-August 2017, torrential rainfall across Nepal's border with India, mainly 13 out of 77 districts, have been hit hard by recent flooding, which has claimed the lives of around 100 Nepalese. The insistent monsoon rainfall that lasted for about three days in mid-August has yielded fatal tragedy in the daily lives in southern Nepal. The monsoon season usually starts in June and lasts till mid-September. Nepal's government is working hard to assist and bring back the situation to normalcy in local lives with its one-door policy.

The locals reported that the torrential rainfall got into devastating flooding as the rivers engulfed the villages due to the people's encroachment of the natural riverbanks. Moreover, the artificial dam at some places people have recently built-in year did divert the river course and flooding at a grander scale in Southeast Asian countries, including Nepal, India, and Bangladesh.

The effect of flooding on adventure tourism in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has been widely questioned, mainly on the trekking and climbing routes, as the most popular and busy autumn trekking season is approaching very shortly. The excellent relief for Tourism in Nepal is that the recent flooding has not affected Nepal's trekking/climbing routes and destinations. The adventure trek and climbing routes are located at a higher elevation and remain unharmed as the flooding occurred at the lower land of Tarai.

Some impact Flooding hit the Chitwan National Park region resort and hotels, but all of them are getting repaired, and most have already started their operation earlier. However, road driving could take slightly longer in the affected region of Tarai. Nepal's government is working hard to reconstruct all the aftermath roadways to make them functional before the Nation's festive season of Dhasain falls on the last week of September 2017.

Although the flooding has affected the Lowland southern border side, it has not affected the adventure trails and routes in the Himalayan kingdom. Thus the entire trekking and climbing program is due to start as usual on time.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu