We headed out to the village of Pokhari in the district of Dolakha. We were to build a different classroom to a sensible extent as the number of students in this institute was huge. Moreover, since the earthquake had wreaked half of their longstanding building, students struggled to accommodate themselves to the temporary shelter. Once we got there, the team received a warm welcome from the locals, school authorities, and the students, who were well-equipped to assist us with our mission.

work done school

The team, as usual, set aside their holy scarves, changed, and promptly went with the flow supervising, getting their supporters together, and surveying the plot where we were to build the classroom.

standing pillar for school

work for school

Soon the framework went on its way efficiently.

cutting wood

students working

We were very well reinforced by the students and the locals for all the provisions required for our mission. It was remarkable to witness everyone getting self-possessed about their responsibilities to assist us in every possible way. Persistent backing and teamwork made things go very easy, and there wasn’t a time when we felt stressed about the time frame we were to survive in finishing the project.

making school building

mma crew

school building dolkha

school students

More than 183km (113 miles) was the distance the MMA team traveled to the village of Pokhari in Dolakha to build a school for these innocent children. We succeeded and attained our objective, which was the ultimate sentiment we carried deep within, and the sense of contentment was all through. But this wasn’t an end to the theme “rebuild with mountain monarch”; there were more to come and more to undertake, which we looked forward to.