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    Tekin Figen And Marcus Dietrich 5.0GermanyNovember 15, 2008logo

    Amazing time in Nepal

    You did a great job! We had a fantastic time in Nepal. We definitely have a permanent impression of your excellent hospitality and gentleness. Sanjay and Lanka were so friendly and had great companionship. They were amazing. From our trip's beginning, I felt we had chosen the right agency. The first day of sightseeing in Kathmandu was exciting. And I am definitely interested in returning to Nepal especially doing the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek.

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    Stephen Redcliffe 5.0United KingdomNovember 10, 2008logo

    Fantastic trip to Nepal

    Many thanks to Mountain Monarch for a fantastic trip to Nepal. The trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp was stunning. A big thanks to Yugal and Ram for looking after us.

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    N Ranjan 5.0SingaporeOctober 15, 2008logo

    Excellent arrangements and experiences

    Pradip, I must thank you and the team, namely Subash and Yugal, as well as the other guides and porters, for all the excellent arrangements and experiences I had on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. This is one of the most professionally organized treks I have undertaken, almost a luxury, given how your team treated the group.

    We were fortunate to have a guide run ahead and arrange the accommodations for us during this peak period, and I had no sympathy for the groups and individuals who did not manage as well as we did. But mostly, I would like to thank your team for the excellent support they gave me during the trek, given my phobia for heights. I do not think I could have managed that one tricky bridge and the steeper climbs without their watchfulness and guidance.

    I am almost tempted to repeat the experience next year with the Everest Base Camp trek. And I do know I will return to Mountain Monarch when I make my way there again. Although there are many companies out there, I am most comfortable with MM, especially in the design of the agenda and the many arrangements, the wise group selection (I really enjoyed being with the group I was with!), and all the attention your team gave to every member of the trekking group!

    I was also highly impressed with the care given to the porters and the other guides throughout the trek, and Subash's constant medical assistance to the villages en route was a humane gesture that made me admire MM. Well done, and many thanks again for a most awesome and exhilarating experience!

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    Ron and Gord McDougall 5.0CanadaOctober 13, 2008logo

    Great service, great trek

    Trust them. Excellent service, great trek. We thought hard before going with Mountain Monarch. Can we trust a local Nepal company? Can they provide good services when they charge less than half of what the US, Canadian, or Australians charge? The answer is yes on both counts. Mountain Monarch provided everything its website promised for the advertised price. We booked our trek six months in advance for a set US dollar rate and made a $200 deposit.

    The exchange rate changed considerably in our favor when we paid the balance, and Mountain Monarch honored the quoted US dollar price with no question initially. The service provided by Pradip, the owner, Dawa, the guide, and the porters was exceptional.

    We chose to alter our plans by doing the Everest Circuit Trek in reverse and by speeding up our return from the top so that we could spend some time on a beach in Thailand, and Mountain Monarch accommodated us. We stayed at the same hotels as Peregrine and Mountain Madness.

    Their food looked a bit better than ours -we ordered off the menus while their groups got custom-made meals - but not thousands of dollars better! I am a reasonably big eater, and Dawa always ensured I had all I wanted to eat. Our guide readily shared his excellent knowledge of trekking, diet, local customs, and local shopping.

    His method of hiking up hills was very efficient; he kept us away from unclean meats, explained the peaceful Buddhist ways, and showed us where to shop in Namche and what a fair price was. We would not hesitate to use Mountain Monarch again. Thanks, guys!

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    Darko And Gordana 5.0CanadaOctober 06, 2008logo

    Perfect Arrangement

    Just want to thank you one more time for all arrangements that you have made. Without you, Sanjay, and the guys, we would not have been able to enrich our lives with the Himalayan experience. Both Darko and I would like to do the trekking again. I Will let you know when we arrange the time.

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    Elsa and Robin Carpenter 5.0South AfricaOctober 05, 2008logo

    Unforgettable Adventure

    Thanks to you and your team for an unforgettable adventure. We loved every minute of our time in Nepal (except when we had to leave!) and will undoubtedly be back for more. The trek was ideal because it took us through local villages and allowed us to get off the beaten track in the Annapurna wilderness.

    The trek was very well organized, and the service was very professional. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone wishing to travel to Nepal. We want to compliment you, particularly your attention to detail and personal attention. You deserve every success.

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    Ian and Linda Parker 5.0AustraliaOctober 05, 2008logo

    Great local knowledge of Trek leader

    Good reliable Food (No stomach upset!). Getting away from the main trek route plus Great local knowledge of the Trek leader.

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    May M. Chan 5.0United StatesSeptember 27, 2008logo

    Personal attention to our needs

    We all had a great time Pradip; thank you so much for taking such good care of us! I have to admit, I was a bit worried about what type of organization I had signed up for online, but from the moment you picked us up from the airport, I felt we were in good hands.

    Thank you for all your personal attention to our needs and for being so flexible with the itinerary. As Brian said, I will definitely recommend your company to any of our friends who wish to travel to Nepal. Best of luck with growing your enterprise; I am sure you will be successful because you have the best interests of everyone in mind.

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    Doug and Anne Slim 5.0Hong KongSeptember 25, 2008logo

    Hope to repeat again and again

    We wanted an adventure with isolation and beautiful scenery, and Mountain Monarch tailored our trip to provide more than we expected. The Mountain Monarch crew added so much to our trip -- humor, information, and safety. The anticipation to see what fantastic meal would be created for us each night was sometimes as exciting as the mountain views.

    Although Nepal is impressive by itself, I know that it was the personal touch of Mountain Monarch that made our two-week camping trip something that we hope to repeat again and again.

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    Tony Day 5.0United KingdomSeptember 14, 2008logo

    Mountain Monarch is fantastic in every respect

    I have now completed four separate treks with Mountain Monarch. They have been fantastic in every respect. All of the staff have been very helpful and extremely friendly. In addition, I have found the trek leaders to be highly knowledgeable and able to cope with any problems that crop up, medical or anything else.

    They have organized bespoke trips for me with groups ranging from 2 to 11 people. I can not praise them highly enough or recommend them too highly.