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    carol 5.0CanadaFebruary 11, 2018logo

    The Best Trek

    My husband and I decided to do the Langtang /Heritage Region vs. the more popular Everest & Annapurna treks, and we haven't regretted it since! Our guide was knowledgeable and catered to our needs, and the locals were friendly and welcoming! The 1st part of the trek was a heritage trail, where we saw less than 50 tourists but still had spectacular views! In the 2nd part of the trek, we went to the more famous Langtang region, where the earthquake in 2014 hit the hardest. There were more people, but we met many friendly tourists on the way! I would recommend the Langtang region & Mountain Monarch to anyone considering a trip to Nepal!

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    Anton Berggren 5.0AustraliaNovember 14, 2017logo

    Fairly achievable trips

    I went on this trip along with a couple of friends towards the end of May. We had limited time, but we're interested in doing a peak, and this seemed to be one of the less expensive and relatively achievable trips we could find. Also, given our lack of mountaineering experience, we thought it would be a good idea to have a guide with us (which it was)! Physically, it was not too challenging, so I guess if you are in pretty decent shape, you should be able to make it to the top. That said, how your body will react at a higher altitude can vary and largely depend on genetics (sorry for rambling on).

    The location, Langtang Valley, is spectacular; it is a very surreal experience being surrounded by 6,000 and 7,000-meter peaks. As you gradually move to a higher altitude, landscape, flora, and fauna also have a pretty large variation.

    Mountain Monarch does a great job providing all the necessary equipment for the journey. Pretty much all your needs can be provided, and they are highly professional. I think it was a good idea to have a lot of help for this particular trip, as we were all relatively new to peak climbing. The food in Nepal is also great and healthy as well! Finally, I want to thank the whole crew and our guide Ngima for the trip; it was a fantastic time, which I appreciated. Would definitely recommend this trip if you have the time and finance!

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    Christina White 5.0AustraliaSeptember 18, 2017logo

    Thank You MM

    Thank you, Pradip, our wonderful guide Netra and our fantastic porters and driver on an incredible journey hiking the Annapurna circuit via The Thorong La Pass. For three Aussies with limited trekking experience, we had a brilliant time trekking in the off-peak season (September), staying at some great tea houses, and tasting Nepalese cuisine and culture with an extremely experienced and well-equipped support crew led by Netra. He looked after us very well at altitude, entertained us on the long trekking days, and always ensured we stayed at the best quality tea houses and remained well nourished. Thank you so much, Mountain Monarch, we are sad to be leaving an incredible country, and I'm certain I'll come back again to explore some more mountains.🙂

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    Dennis Brand 5.0United StatesSeptember 10, 2017logo

    Incredible customer service!!

    Incredible customer service!!
    I leave on the December 2-23, 2017, trip, but I must say how much I appreciate the excellent customer service I have received from Pradip. He has answered every question I've had and has walked me through each step in the process. I can't wait for my trek to EBC and Island Peak in December!!

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    Avi Peltz 5.0AustraliaAugust 22, 2017logo

    Truly an amazing experience

    Truly a fantastic experience. Top-of-the-line guides and organization. It truly an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life

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    Robert White 5.0CanadaJuly 15, 2017logo

    A very worthwhile trek

    Once again, Pradip, your company and staff exceeded our expectations. I don’t have any first-hand knowledge of the service provided by other trekking companies. Still, I find it hard to believe that any could exceed Mountain Monarch’s level of service and the level of support that your guides and Sherpas gave us. Sunil, Jay, Pemba, and the rest of our guides were terrific in every way imaginable; we could not thank them enough.

    The Mustang area is dry and quite stark but has a subtle beauty that impressed us all. A very worthwhile trek with the spellbound three days long Tiji festival.

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    Brendan Kelly 5.0United KingdomJuly 02, 2017logo

    Wonderful service

    I recently completed two Treks with Mountain Monarch. The first was a solo trek with my guide to Langtang; the other was joining a group Trek to Upper Mustang and the Tiji Festival. On all occasions, Mountain Monarch provided excellent service. This included great advice to help me plan my holiday and the service provided by all the staff on the Treks that saw their roles as not only guides but to ensure we all had an enjoyable time, as well as learning more about the land we were Trekking through. I am happy to recommend Mountain Monarch, which is reliable, financially competitive, and takes extra steps to ensure your time in Nepal is enjoyable and hassle-free.

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    Pear Popham 5.0United KingdomJune 11, 2017logo

    Fantastic Service

    The fantastic scenery + warm welcome of the Nepali People, together with the excellent and totally dedicated service provided by the staff, quality Food, equipment, support, and care of the porters too. A very professional company.

    We have had an excellent trek, and I would like to thank Pradip, Binoy, Danno, and the staff + porter for the TRIP OF LIFETIME.

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    Ezio Reynaud 5.0United StatesApril 16, 2017logo

    Successful Trek

    Mountain Monarch is a highly-rated guide company operating in Nepal. I recently enlisted their help in trekking around Mt. Everest, and I fully agree with all of the great reviews this company gets. However, my scheduled trek was changed by a fall while descending a high pass, resulting in a broken fibula. This is where Mountain Monarch went above and beyond all expectations. From the very able guide, Netra, to the ever-calming and gentlemanly disposition of the owner, Mr. Pradip, they organized a very efficient air rescue and worry-free transport to a competent travelers’ clinic in Kathmandu. Supervised mainly by Mr. Pradip, every little detail was handled with reassurance and comfort. It is said that in a time of crisis, the very best comes out in people. Mr. Pradip and his staff shone in these moments. I’m very much looking forward to joining them again and highly recommend Mountain Monarch Adventures to everyone.

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    Rick Thomas 5.0CanadaDecember 20, 2016logo

    Awesome trek experience in Manaslu

    Text can’t entirely describe my experience on the Manaslu circuit trek because it’s how I felt on the inside that made it feel so worthwhile as each day passed. It was excellent and so different from the other two treks I have taken with Mountain Monarch, which was in the Everest region in 2010 and 2014 and which I both loved. What I really loved about this trek was the fact that there were fewer people on this circuit compared to the Everest region. Most of the trekking days were spent by the beautiful river, where the sound of raging rapids filled the air. The sound of water while going to sleep was calming.

    Larke pass was a long and tough day but a rewarding one. 5,106 meters, and every breath means something as you push on and reach that final flag. And a big highlight for me personally happened one night around 3 am when I went outside and, for a minute, just stared at the magnificence of Mt Manaslu before me, bathed in white alongside the night sky awash with all of the major stars of our universe. At that moment, all I thought was just maybe I was the only one on earth looking at it during that very moment in time. Felt great.

    As for the staff, Netra, our leading guide, was so knowledgeable and great to talk to. Pimba, our assistant guide, did an impeccable job as well. Our porters, all young guys, were a joy to be with. My fellow trekkers and I were happy with the complete service. If I return to Nepal ( which I am sure I will), Mountain Monarch will be my first choice again.