• Feb 26, 2018

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Mount Everest stands 29,31 feet above sea level, the world's highest peak in the Himalayas, and is undoubtedly a top landmark adventure destination. The myth and mystery have enchanted travelers to get a glimpse of this giant peak. Trekkers and climbers spend weeks getting to the Everest base camp at 5364 meters to witness and stand next to the mt. Everest. Many people don't have time and energy to walk at such high elevations for many days and weeks though many travelers wish to get the stunning wonderful sight of the mysterious mt. Everest and photographs were taken with Everest and the Himalayan vista.

Helicopter Day Tour in Nepal Himalayas

Mountain Monarch, a pioneer tour company in Nepal, is committed to fulfilling the dream of thousands of travelers worldwide to stand next to Everest and get a stunning photo with mt Everest in a few hours in a SAFE way. To make it happen, we take the chartered helicopter day tour to Everest to land at Kalapathar or Everest base camp. Of course, proper safety measures must be applied to land and to make the short hike around the landmark destination to have a great adventure experience at the same time.

There is some selection of doing the Everest helicopter tour available most tour companies run this Everest helicopter day tour to Everest with a fly over the base camp, which only offers the aerial view and, notably, lacks the real sensational experience and memories of getting land next to mt. Everest to take lifelong memorable photos. Again, it is life-threatening to land at an elevation above 5000 meters without a proper safety backup. So it is essential to choose a suitable and experienced operator with a trained workforce and security to back up an arrangement to land and walk at Kalapathar or Everest base camp to have lifelong memories.

Most Everest helicopter tours get landed at an elevation of 3800 meters only to get the photograph done at Everest view hotel at Khumjung. The best alternative is to land at Thyanboche monastery for breakfast at a local teahouse and to visit the famed Thyanboche monastery at once. The view of Amadablam peak and mt. Everest is simply breathtaking from here. Getting landing to refuel at Lukla airport is an added attraction to see STOL airport, which many of the trekkers and climbers have used.

One can hire the Helicopter to get to all the 8000 meters peaks base camps in the Himalayas, like Everest and Makalu, and not only a Helicopter trip to Everest base camps Kanchenjunga, Annapurna, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, etc. We can make a scenic flight to the world's highest situated Tilicho to the most pristine Shy Poksundo lakes in Dopla to the local region of Lomanthang in Upper Mustang. We can cover all of Nepal's highlights in a week-long helicopter tour.

Pradip Limbu

Pradip Limbu